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History of Upward Bound at Reedley College

Upward Bound

Reedley College's Upward Bound Program was first established in 1992 serving students from Parlier, Reedley, and Orange Cove. Since 1992, Reedley College has been awarded an additional Upward Bound Program and Upward Bound Math and Science Programs. Reedley College also oversees the Upward Bound Program at the Madera Center. In total, these programs serve 285 high school students from 9th to 12th grade through nine high school campuses.

There are currently 826 Upward Bound Programs nationwide and 166 Math and Science Programs nationwide.


The Reedley College Upward Bound Programs are highly successful, precollege programs for predominately low-income and first generation college bound high school students. Reedley College has two Classic Upward Bound Programs: PRO and SD.  Students who participate in PRO must attend Parlier, Reedley, or Orange Cove High School. SD participants must attend Selma or Dinuba High School. The general purpose of Upward Bound is to generate excitement and increase the rates of college enrollment among high school students. 

Reedley College’s Upward Bound Math and Science Programs are designed to strengthen the math and science skills of the students in the program. Reedley College has two Math and Science Upward Bound Programs. MS1 is for students attending Reedley, Sanger, or Fowler High Schools. The goal of these programs are to help students recognize and develop their potential to excel in math and science and to encourage them to pursue post-secondary degrees in math and science fields.

Academic Year 

*After School Tutorials
*Assistance with College Entrance Exams/Applications
*Assistance with Financial Aid Information
*Financial Literacy Workshops
*Guidance and Advising
*Community Service Projects


Summer Program

*Live in Reedley College Dorms
*Classes with College Professors
*Career Planning
*Participation Stipend/Check
*Field Trips to Colleges and Universities

Who is eligible?

Classic Upward Bound PRO/SD
*Be enrolled in one of the following high schools:
    Parlier, Reedley, Orange Cove (PRO); Selma, Dinuba (SD)
*Have an interest in attending college upon high school graduation
*Commit to program through high school graduation
*Be from a low-income family 
*Be a first-generation college bound student (Parents do not have a 4-year degree)
*Be a US citizen or permanent resident

Upward Bound Math/Science
*Same as above, plus the following...
*Be enrolled in one of the following high schools:
    Fowler, Reedley, Sanger
*Have an interest in pursuing a college degree in Math and Science Fields


Upward Bound is a Federally Funded TRiO Program


Students who have completed their junior year and have been participating consistently in Upward Bound are given the opportunity to work in professional areas and learn new and innovative skills.


The goal of the Summer Internship Program is to encourage higher education through productive work experiences in a field related to the students's academic and career goals. 

Guidelines for Potential Employers: 

An organization that participates in the internship education program must agree to the guidelines provided:

  1. The employer must understand and be committed to the concept of internship education.
  2. The employer should provide appropriate notification to the student/employee of rules and regulations, working conditions, and company policies and procedures, as with any new hire.
  3. The job must provide educational experiences in an area directly related to the student's course of study or career goals, as determined by Upward Bound in conjunction with the employer.
  4. The job must provide meaningful and challenging experiences that will increase student learning.
  5. Provide an opportunity for students to work a minimum of 40 hours during the course of five weeks.
  6. Cooperate with Upward Bound and the student to jointly develop specific learning objectives for the internship period.
  7. The employer agrees to evaluate the student's performance and progress toward meeting specified learning objectives.
  8. The employer must practice equal employment opportunities, and must provide a safe and secure work environment for the student.

Upward Bound is a Federally Funded TRiO Program

Dr. Diana Tapia-Wright

Director of Grant Funded Programs  (559) 637-2535 ext. 3668

Shawna DiQuirico

Accounting Clerk III  (559) 637-2535 ext. 3667

Mario Alvarado, Assistant Director

Upward Bound Program – Serving Selma and Dinuba High Schools (559) 637-2535 ext. 3287

Kevin Jow, Assistant Director

Upward Bound Math and Science –Serving Reedley, Sanger, and Fowler High Schools (559) 637-2535 ext. 3149

Beto Carbajal, Assistant Director

Upward Bound Program – Serving Parlier, Reedley, and Orange Cove High Schools  (559) 637-2535 ext. 3242

We are located at:
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Upward Bound Program

Building CSS-2
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