Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

EOPS is accepting new students for the Spring 2022 term.

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The EOPS/CARE/NextUp Offices will be working remote unitl further notice.  Please check your emails daily as counseling staff will be contacting you regarding your student appointments.  You may also receive a phone call to schedule an “online appointment” with your counselor.  If you have any questions, email your program counselor below and/or contact the EOPS Office at (559) 494-3040:

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The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), and Cooperating Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program provides comprehensive support services to first generation college students who come from low-income and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. "Over and above" support services are provided to assist students in the completion of their educational goals.

Reedley College EOPS Office

Located in the Center for Student Success-1 room CSS1-3
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
EOPS Office (559) 494-0340

EOPS provides academic and financial support to community college students whose educational and socioeconomic backgrounds may deter them from successfully attending college and completing their educational goals. Services are specifically designed to offer educational support services to address the specific needs of historically disadvantaged students, including but not limited to:

Individualized Counseling and Support:

Each student is required to meet with an EOPS counselor at least three times per term. In addition to offering guidance, motivation and support, EOPS counselors assist students with the development of individualized, sequential, multi-term education plans called Student Education Plans (SEP). The SEP lays down a framework for students to be able to navigate towards the successful completion of their educational goals.

Priority Registration:

Priority registration allows students to register for courses first and before the general student population. This service increases students' opportunities to access courses needed for the timely completion of their educational goals.

EOPS Textbook Services Program

EOPS/CARE students are provided book vouchers each term so as to purchase required textbooks are available to them in time for their first class meeting. Students must first meet with a counselor and complete a SEP and be enrolled in 12 units before their textbook service is provided.

Academic Progress Monitoring:

EOPS monitors the academic progress of each student to ensure that they receive timely intervention and appropriate supportive services to successfully complete their courses and educational goals.

Specialized Transition Services:

University of California and California State University undergraduate admissions application fees are waived for EOPS students to enhance their ability to transfer to UC or CSU campuses. Field trips are also taken to 4-year institutions to help students learn what college opportunities might be available beyond Reedley College.

These are just a few services that students in our program can expect to receive from our EOPS staff. Throughout each semester we are constantly engaging our students with our three required contacts and student success workshops. Our student success workshops cover an array of information related to upcoming deadlines, scholarship opportunities, tutoring services, and how to find additional college resources online. Our ultimate goal is to provide additional services to help our students succeed and reach their educational goals.

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