Disabled Student Programs & Services

Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSP&S) is designed to provide specialized services and accommodations that assist students with documented disabilities to reach their maximum potential while achieving their educational goals. DSP&S staff interact with all areas of the campus to eliminate physical, academic and attitudinal barriers.

Reedley College: Phone (559) 638-0332

TTY (559) 638-0382

DSP&S Staff Contact Information

Madera Community College Center: Phone (559) 675-4864

Oakhurst Community College Center: Please contact DSP&S at the Madera Community College Center to schedule appointments at Oakhurst.

DSP&S Special Programs, Services and Academic Accommodations

DSP&S Offers students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs and services to assist them in pursuing their academic, vocational, and personal goals.

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Accommodations for Employees Requests for disability related accommodations for employees should be directed to the his/her immediate supervisor. The Disabled Students Program and Services facilitates accommodations to current SCCCD students only.

To receive DSP&S services students must self identify and complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to Reedley College.
  2. Complete the college Online Orientation.
  3. Meet with a Reedley College counselor for academic advising.
  4. Apply for services online via the DSPS AIM Portal application.
  5. Contact DSP&S to schedule an intake appointment. During this appointment the student and DSP&S counselor will complete the necessary paperwork, review disability documentation, discuss disability related educational limitations and the services/accommodations to address the identified needs.
    • Please bring the following information to the intake appointment:
      • Disability Documentation (i.e. IEP, Psychological Assessment Report, 504 Plan, completed DSP&S disability verification form, etc.)
      • Academic Transcripts (i.e. high school/other college transcripts)
      • Any other additional academic/disability paperwork that would enable DSP&S to appropriately serve the applicant.

DSP&S Eligibility and Disability Verification