Disabled Student Programs & Services

DSPS office

DSP&S Hours & Location 

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Humanities 58


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The Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSP&S) office is designed to provide specialized services and accommodations that assist students with documented disabilities to reach their maximum potential while achieving their educational goals. DSP&S staff interact with all areas of the campus to eliminate physical, academic and attitudinal barriers.



Name Position Extension Email
Samuel Morgan DSP&S Director  3524 Samuel.morgan@reedleycollege.edu
LuAnn Aldape Administrative Assistant 3701 Luann.aldape@reedleycollege.edu
Ashley Calhoun DSP&S Counselor/Coordinator 3532 Ashley.calhoun@reedleycollege.edu
Melissa Affeldt WAIII Counselor/Coordinator 3486 Melissa.affeldt@reedleycollege.edu
Fuechi Lor TTC DuE Counselor/Coordinator 3550 Fuechi.lor@reedleycollege.edu
Dawnielle Janssen SSS Counselor/Coordinator 3712 Dawnielle.janssen@reedleycollege.edu
Patrick Tackett Learning Disability Specialist/Instructor 3455 Patrick.tackett@reedleycollege.edu
Taylor Lopez WAIII Counselor 3602 Taylor.lopez@reedleycollege.edu
Johnathon Hedrington DSP&S Counselor 3626 Johnathon.hedrington@reedleycollege.edu
Devin Knudsen DSP&S Counselor 3294 Devin.knudsen@reedleycollege.edu
Angela Bustos Budget Technician  3269 Angela.bustos@reedleycollege.edu
Ricardo Cuevas Alternate Media Specialist  3603 Ricardo.cuevas@reedleycollege.edu
Susan Soudchanthou Job Developer 3206 Susan.soudchanthou@reedleycollege.edu
Cody Ensz Sign Language Interpreter 3187 Cody.ensz@fresnocitycollege.edu