Reedley College Mission, Vision & Values

All of Reedley College's planning efforts stem from the college's Mission, Values, and Vision statements.

Reedley College Mission

To cultivate opportunities that empower our students and communities through engaging, equity-minded programs and services 

Reedley College Vision

Providing equitable educational opportunities that transform our students and communities.

Reedley College Values

To carry out our bold vision, we at Reedley College value:  

Equity, Access, and Inclusion: our success depends on every member of our campus community achieving their educational goals   

A Focus on Students: our practices, priorities, and policies are created, implemented, and reviewed with a relentless student-first approach   

Educational Excellence: the instruction, student services, and experience we provide to each student consistently exceed expectations    

Innovation: we embrace change that moves us closer to achieving our vision while adhering to our values, embracing the possibility that not every innovation will succeed    

Integrity: our words and actions are always consistent with our mission 

Stewardship: our decisions are made in the context of their financial, social, and environmental impacts on our campus, our region, and the world