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Pete P. Peters Honors Program

The Pete P. Peters Honors Program at Reedley College is designed to challenge students with a customized curriculum and reward their efforts through priority registration, scholarship, field trips, and guaranteed transfer agreements. Students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement in high school and plan to continue their pursuit in college and then at four-year university are admitted to Reedley College under the designation, "Honors at Entrance." They begin a sequence of classes and activities to prepare them for transfer to the best four-year institutions with special recognition on their diplomas, transcripts, and at the commencement ceremony itself. Honors students are part of a close academic community of highly motivated and dedicated students and instructors. For more information, email emily.berg@reedleycollege.edu or call Emily Berg at (559) 638-0300, ext.3150 .

Honors Application

Challenge and Reward

  • Priority Registration
  • Choice of general Honors classes each semester
  • Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar
  • Small classes taught by top Reedley College instructors
  • Field trips related to honors courses
  • Guaranteed transfer agreements with top California universities
  • Special transfer counseling
  • $300 stipend for each semester the student in active in the Honors Program
  • Honors recognition on entrance and exit
  • Field trips related to Honors courses
  • Community service opportunities
  • Participation in campus clubs.
  • Membership in Honors Transfer Council of California, which gives students opportunities for transfer, scholarships, and conference presentations at their annual research symposium


honors students
The Honors Curriculum involves two freshman courses and two sophomore courses per semester:

Fall Honors Class Choices

English 1AH (Composition)

Honors 1 and 2

Other Classes for Honors Students:

Art 6H

English 3H (Critical Thinking)

Communication 1H (Public Speaking)

Honors 2 (Themed seminar with Honors 1 students)

Honors 3C (Natural and Biological Sciences)

This is a research-based class for any Honors

student concurrently enrolled in:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy

Spring Honors Class Choices

Philosophy 1CH (Ethics)

English 1BH (Literature)

Political Science 2H (American Government)

Honors 3A (Applied Sciences)

This is a research-based class for any Honors

student concurrently enrolled in:

  • Math
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting

All courses comply with the Intersegmental General

Education Transfer Curricula (IGETC) for transfer to the UCs, CSUs, and most private universities.

Eligibility Requirements:

We accept applications from students with:

A rigorous course history, such as

  • AP and Honors courses
  • College prep courses
  • High School Enrichment program
An overall grade point average of 3.0 or better (usually over 3.5)

At least 500 on each section of the SAT, or an

ACT of 26 or better (an applicant with no scores may be considered with academic teacher recommendations)

Intent to transfer to a four-year university

Admissions Procedures:

Any eligible candidate interested in applying must submit an Honors Program application to Reedley College no later than February 1; late applications considered under special circumstances. Send to Honors Coordinator Emily Berg , Reedley College, 995 N Reed Ave., Reedley, CA 93654. (559) 638-0300, ext. 3150 or email emily.berg@reedleycollege.edu

Honors PLO Rubric With Assessment

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