Tutoring Services

Welcome to Reedley College Tutoring Services!

All of our tutoring is online using Zoom and accessible through Canvas!

Choose the center you would like to visit below and click to enroll in its Canvas course.

Need help or Have questions?  Contact the center coordinator.

Online Tutoring

Reedley College’s online tutoring service is currently transitioning to NetTutor.
NetTutor is an online tutoring service that offers students professional tutorial assistance at no cost, 24/7, in a wide variety of topics.

Sessions are available for live drop-in meetings, sessions by appointment, and drop-ff questions. In addition to the regular Tutoring Center, NetTutor also has a separate Writing Center, where you can drop in for a live session, schedule and appointment to receive live feedback on your writing, or drop off a paper to receive feedback on it.

NetTutor can be accessed via Canvas using the “NetTutor” link on the left side of the Canvas Course Navigation Menu found in any course shell.

If you have questions, contact the Distance Education Coordinator, Heather Paul at heather.paul@reedleycollege.edu or call (559) 494-3000 ext. 3256

Learning Center

The Learning Center (Tutorial) has tutors for many courses offered this semester.  Some tutors meet in-person in the Learning Center and some meet via Zoom.  You can use the two links below to search for tutors by subject and availability.

Search for an in-person/on campus tutor

Search for a Zoom tutor

If you cannot find a tutor that fits your needs, contact The Learning Center Coordinator, Jim Mulligan, at  jim.mulligan@reedleycollege.edu or call (559) 494-3000 ext. 3430

Math Center

The Math Center has embedded a Math tutor in every math, and computer science course.  You can meet with your Embedded Tutor in a Drop-In session or make an appointment. Join the Math Center Canvas Page and get connected to a tutor in Zoom.

The Math Center provides in-person and online tutoring.  To learn more about our services and to view our schedules, join our canvas course by clicking here:

Self-enroll in the Math Center Canvas Course.

Schedule a Zoom Appointment

If you have questions, contact The Math Center Coordinator, Becky Reimer, at rebecca.reimer@reedleycollege.edu or call (559) 494-3000 ext. 3158

Room: MSCI 123


  • Monday 9am-4pm
  • Tuesday 9am-8pm
  • Wednesday 9am-4pm
  • Thursday 9am-8pm
  • Friday 9am-1pm

Reading and Writing Center

The RWC has embedded a tutor in every ENGL 1A COURSE.  You can meet with your Embedded Tutor/ or another available tutor,  either for  One-on-One appointments or you can sign up to be in weekly Small Group Tutoring.  Join the Reading/Writing Center Canvas Resource Page and get connected to a tutor in Zoom.

Self-enroll in the Reading / Writing Center Canvas course.

If you have questions, contact The Reading Writing Center Coordinator, Dr. Deb Borofka.  deb.borofka@reedleycollege.edu 559-494-3000 ext. 3160