RC Testing Center

The Testing Center is open for in person services.  

Please contact the Testing Center at +1-559-494-3000 ext. 3108 or erick.kroll@reedleycollege.edu.

The Testing Center handles placement testing, and many other tests for the community at large in a relatively compact area. To maximize the use of our space, different types of testing are offered on different days. Most tests are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please ensure you leave yourself enough time to complete your test within the posted Testing Center hours.


Reedley College Testing Center is located in HUM 59(View Reedley College campus)

DSP&S Test Proctoring services are available Monday – Friday FOR students who have an active Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) file and have been approved to receive accommodations when taking class exams. 

AB 705 has impacted how students are placed into various levels of ESL. Initially, colleges were told that only high school GPA (if available) and guided self-placement could be used for placement. Assessments like the ESL Accuplacer were now longer approved methods of placement. Recent CCCCO guidance has, however, expanded the options for assessing students for placement, including published assessments. In the coming year, Reedley and Madera need to respond to the latest guidance and determine the best way forward for ESL placement.

Meanwhile, we have developed a local process of guided self-placement that can be used effective immediately. Essentially, student will decide for themselves which ESL level they should be in. The ESL Guided Self-Placement tool helps them consider their own skill in using English and allows them to see sample pages from textbooks and writing sample from students at various levels. The tool does not point students to a level. Instead, it gives students guidance so they can select the level that’s right them.

The Counselor’s Role

Counselors are an important part of the ESL Guided Self-Placement. Prior to a student completing the ESL Guided Self-Placement, be sure they know their college ID number and an active email address. Help students understand that they, themselves, will be selecting their course level. Strongly encourage students to complete the ESL Guided Self-Placement process on a computer, not a phone. It’s technically possible to use a phone, but parts of the process will be very difficult on a small screen.

This email is for students who want to use the ESL Guided Self-Placement.

Welcome to our ESL program! Before you can register for classes, you need to decide which ESL level is right for you. Today you will be completing the Guided Self-Placement for English as a Second Language, so you can know which ESL level is best for you.

ESL Webpage

ESL Instructor: 
Rebecca Al Haider
559-494-3000  x3220

Reedley College Counselor:
Maricela Gutierrez
559-494-3000 x3173

Make‐up testing is provided by the Reedley Test Center for individual students, registered at Reedley College, who are unable to take their tests in the classroom because of special circumstances (illness, emergency, Student Disability Services, etc.).


  1. Instructor initiates the process by completing a Proctor Request form and give it to the student.
    • (Discuss testing details with your student). 
  2. The student must take the Proctor Request form to the Testing Center and schedule an appointment.
    • (walk-in testing cannot be accommodated) 
  3. Testing Center will contact the instructor via email after receipt of Proctor Request form and an appointment has been scheduled. 
  4. Instructor reply with proctor details and an attached test at least 1 business day prior to the date of testing. 
  5. Testing Center will proctor test adhering strictly to instructor written test instructions. 
  6. Instructors can select to pick up completed tests in the Testing Center or for the test to be returned through campus mail.

Test Center Will Provide

Scratch Paper *Pencils/Pens * Basic Function Calculator (limited supply) * Proctored, Secure Testing Environment

Photo ID is REQUIRED for academic tests

Students taking academic tests (any test or exam required by a course in which a student is enrolled at Reedley College) are required to have their Reedley College Student ID card, which must be presented to RC Testing Center staff when checking in. We encourage students to obtain a Reedley College ID card as soon as possible after they have registered for classes and carry it with them at the Reedley College campus.

Personal property MUST be secured in lockers

No personal property (including, but not limited to books, notes, purses, bags, phones, pagers, PDAs) is allowed at the testing stations. All other possessions brought into the center must be secured in a locker, which requires a quarter. The quarter is returned when the locker is reopened. Change is not available from college staff, but change machines are located near some vending machines around the campus.

Examinees may not bring Food, Drink, Chewing Gum or Candy into the Center

Any other item or material which the RC staff determines to be a security risk, potentially disruptive or distracting for any reason is not allowed.

Student ID numbers are required

After you have applied, the Admissions office assigned you a student ID number to be used for registration and all tests. You may find this number on your schedule, by logging into your college email account, or by contact.

Your student ID number is also encoded in the barcode of your Reedley College student ID card, which you are required to present when entering the testing center for academic tests.

Monitoring, Academic Integrity, and Violations of the Rules

Students using the Testing Center MUST consent to observation and surveillance during the time they are in the Testing Center, which may include both audio and video recording. Any violation of Testing Center rules, the Code of Conduct, or the Academic Integrity Policy will be documented & reported to your instructor and the Dean of Students Office. Any notes or other unauthorized materials will be collected by Testing Center staff and made available to the Dean and instructor (for course-related tests), or other appropriate Academic Affairs or Student Services personnel.

The Testing Center's rules have been established to ensure fairness in the reporting of examination results and to protect the integrity of the examination process. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the denial of access to, or expulsion from, the Testing Center. Instances of suspected academic dishonesty will result in the initiation of disciplinary proceedings as outlined in the College's Code of Conduct. All such occurrences will be documented and reported to the instructor and/or responsible administrator. Breaking any Testing Center rules is considered a violation of the College's Code of Conduct.

Only examinees are allowed in the Testing Center

"Friends, family, children, spouses, etc. are not permitted."

Examinees may not leave the Testing Center after testing has begun

Once an examination has been distributed, the student may not leave the room for any reason. If a medical condition exists which requires frequent use of restroom facilities, written permission must be obtained from Disability Students Programs & Services prior to an examination. Violation of this rule is considered an academic dishonesty violation and will be treated and disciplined as such.

Testing Center Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

By Appointment Only.

Set an appointment here.

All tests must be completed and turned in to the proctor by closing, with no exceptions.

Exams must be completed by closing regardless of accommodation time.

Testing Services

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to know and to maintain the College's standards relative to academic integrity. Test Center staff members are required to document and report any evidence of, or the appearance of, academic dishonesty to the instructor.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Reedley College Testing Center is a student support service committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion in order to achieve and sustain superior customer service. We firmly believe that we can best promote excellence by mindfully serving a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff and by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success.