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Faculty & Staff Handbook

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2019-20 Handbook

Behavior Intervention Team

The mission of the Behavior Intervention Team is to provide a proactive and supportive multidisciplinary team approach to provide a timely intervention resource for students, faculty and staff in order to address student behavioral issues and promote student academic success and safety through appropriate and timely response promotes safety on campus.

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College Office of Research and Evaluation

CORE provides leadership support for faculty, students, and staff through analysis, research, evaluation, and planning.

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Reedley College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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Integrated Planning

In the Summer of 2010, the Reedley College campus leadership team met at a retreat to discuss the ways in which our planning models are integrated with one another and with the governance structure which supports it.

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Starfish - Early Alert

Starfish Early Alert is a communication tool that supports student success, retention, and completion by building community and facilitating improved communication between students, faculty, and campus services. Starfish Early Alert provides a convenient way to track your students and provide just-in-time interventions based on the student’s needs.

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Measure C & E

Updates on the how the funding is used will be provided here as progress is made.

Fulfilling Measures C & E


Education Master Plan

Reedley College has been in the process of internally writing a new Educational Master Plan. The existing plan was written by an outside consulting firm.

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Strategic Planning

Reedley College motivates and empowers students to be successful by providing high-quality, innovative educational opportunities.

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Computer Services

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Reedley College Library faculty provide research instruction and support tailored to the needs of your students by: Providing research instruction specific to your course topic and objectives.

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If applicants for academic positions at Reedley College do not meet the current Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges, they may apply to the position under an Equivalency.

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Professional Development

The Faculty Professional Development (Flex) Committee is responsible for overseeing, planning, and evaluating professional development activities for Reedley College employees to participate in development activities that are related to “staff, student, and instructional improvement” (Title 5, §55720).

Professional Development


Classified Senate

All information regarding the Classified Senate.

Classified Senate