College Planning

All of Reedley College's planning efforts stem from the college's Mission, Values, and Vision statements.

Mission Statement

To cultivate opportunities that empower our students and communities through engaging, equity-minded programs and services.


As an exemplary educational institution, Reedley College cultivates professional, well-prepared individuals who will enrich our ever changing local, regional, and global communities.


Student Success
We are committed to students’ intellectual empowerment and the development of critical thinking. We are committed to support our students in their pursuit of individual academic, career, and personal goals.
We are accountable and transparent, and we adhere to the highest professional standards. (from district strategic plan)
We are committed to the enhancement, preservation, conservation, and effective utilization of our resources. (from district strategic plan)
We are committed to and intentional in creating an environment that cultivates, embraces and celebrates diversity. (from district strategic plan)
We are committed to fostering a spirit of teamwork with our students, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators while expanding our partnerships with education, industry, and our communities.