Learning Disability Services

Reedley College DSP&S Learning Disability Services provides a comprehensive service to students from identification of a learning disability to developing and establishing strategies that will help students meet their academic goals.

Services may include:

  • Learning Disability Assessment
  • Learning Strategies Training
  • Specialized Tutorial Sessions
  • Adaptive Computer Technology Training
  • Adaptive Software

The Learning Disability Services Process includes:

  • Testing: The learning disability specialist conducts assessments of students and/or reviews previous testing to determine eligibility for services utilizing the Learning Disability Eligibility Model established by the state chancellor’s office.
  • Accommodations: Consultation with students and the DSP&S counselor is done to recommend appropriate accommodations and to establish study strategies. Students may meet with individually with the LD specialist or in small groups to practice study strategies.
  • Instruction: Classes are offered to help students to understand their unique learning challenges, develop and practice study strategies, and practice using available technology to help them to cope with their disabilities.

For more information call (559) 638-0332 ext.3183