Workability III (WAIII)

Workability III (WAIII) is a collaborative project between Reedley College and the California State Department of Rehabilitation to provide services to students with disabilities that improve access to vocational experiences. From orientation, classroom instruction & personal/career counseling to gaining work experience & support implementation of the Individual Plan of Employment (IPE), the program focuses on providing direct services to assist participants in gaining employment.

WAIII implements supportive vocational training/services including:

  • Pre-vocational Services: employment portfolio development, interviewing skills, job seeking skills, advocacy awareness, career exploration/development
  • Employability Skills: Communication with co-workers and supervisors, work behavior/attitude, appropriate grooming/dress, expectations of a job, resources & referral.
  • Employment Development/Placement: on-the-job training, work experience, job placement assistance.

Workability III participants must be:

  1. A student attending Reedley College; AND
  2. A client receiving services from California Department of Rehabilitation.

To contact the California Department of Rehabilitation please visit or call Voice (559) 445-6011 / TTY (559) 266-3373

Employers benefit from Workability III

The WAIII program recognizes that the community and local businesses have specific issues and needs that must be met. In addition to assisting our students in achieving their goals, the program is also concerned with meeting the needs of the local community and employers, through:

  • Training & information on individuals with disabilities and disability legislation.
  • Providing information about federal and state tax credits.
  • Making appropriate referrals to fulfill employment needs.
  • Presenting educated and motivated workers.
  • Follow-up with employees & employer to ensure employee/employer satisfaction.
  • Connection with a network of college & community resources.