Assembly Bill 705

Know Your Rights: The AB 705 Initiative and What it Means for Students

Transfer-Level Courses for Everyone

What This Means for You

In October 2017, California enacted a new law -  sometimes referred to as Assembly Bill 705 (AB 705) - requiring all community colleges to maximize the chance that students will complete transfer-level math and English within one year, and transfer-level ESL within three years

In accordance with the new law, students have the right to access transfer-level coursework in English, math, and credit academic ESL.  Reedley College (RC) only offers transfer-level Math and English courses.  Students no longer need to take a Placement Test in English, math, or ESL.  ESL students can choose to complete the RC ESL Guided Self-Placement and, in consultation with ESL faculty or their counselor, select their ESL course level.

To support your success in transfer-level math and English courses and in ESL courses, RC is expanding tutoring and student support services.

Why did we change?

Research shows the fewer math,  English and ESL classes a student takes, the more likely they are to stay in college and graduate with a degree. Our number one goal is to get you a college degree.

We are redesigning and rethinking our English,  math and ESL course offerings to make sure you are moving quickly through Reedley College and getting on to your next goal.

What do you need to do?

English and Math course sequences changed as of the Spring 2019 semester and Reedley College is no longer offering pre-transfer level courses in either English or math.  To maximize their chances for success in college, students should take transfer-level English and math during their first year at Reedley.  Doing so will allow you to be more successful in other college courses that rely on a knowledge of English and math. 

All students should discuss the appropriate transfer-level math class for them with their counselor (the math course you take depends on your major).  Your counselor can also discuss the support courses available in English and recommend the best semester to take English.  ESL students should consult with a counselor to find the best path for them in the ESL course sequence.

Counseling appointments can be set up online or in-person.  If you are part of a program like CVP, SSS, EOPS, NextUp, Cal-Works or DSPS, please schedule an appointment to meet with your program counselor.

What changed?

English- As of the Spring 2019 semester, all students are eligible to enroll in our transfer-level English course, English 1A.  At Reedley College, only transfer-level English is offered. 

English 205 is now offered as a co-requisite with some English 1A sections to provide additional support for students selecting this course option. If you think you will need the additional support class English 205, please make an appointment to see a counselor.     

Math- As of the Spring 2019 semester, all students are eligible to enroll in transfer-level math courses. There are several math pathways that students can choose from and it is important that you work with a counselor to select the pathway that is right for your major and educational goal.  At Reedley College, only transfer-level math courses are offered.

ESL – As of the spring 2021 semester, students have the right to access transfer-level credit academic ESL courses.  Students can choose to complete the Reedley College ESL Guided Self-Placement and select their ESL course level. Students should meet with a counselor to discuss the placement and enroll in appropriate courses.

It is highly recommended that students planning to take an English class, a math class, an ESL class, or a class requiring an English or math prerequisite, meet with a counselor prior to registration.

Make an appointment with a counselor.