Behavior Intervention Team

Mission of the Behavior Intervention Team:

The mission of the Behavior Intervention Team is to provide a proactive and supportive multidisciplinary team approach to provide a timely intervention resource for students, faculty and staff in order to address student behavioral issues and promote student academic success and safety through appropriate and timely response promotes safety on campus. The BIT is a recommending body to the Dean of Students Services Office. All Disciplinary decisions remain under the auspices of the Dean of Students Office*.

*See A&R 5520

Tips for Recognizing Troubled Students

Students encounter challenges for a variety of reasons. Academics, family problems, social situations, work, and financial concerns are just some of the sources of stress. While most students cope successfully with the demands of college life, for some the pressures become overwhelming and unmanageable. Mental health problems take many different forms and vary greatly in severity. At one time or another everyone feels upset or distressed. If you feel you have a student who displays any of these behaviors you can use the Starfish “RC Behavior Intervention” flag to refer students to the Behavior Intervention Team for further intervention.

What is the RC Behavior Intervention Flag?

The RC Behavior Flag is for Reedley College students only. Raise this flag when you have a concern with a student's behavior. The student will NOT be informed or able to view this flag. Behavioral concerns include behavior that interferes with instruction; aggressive/intimidating behavior or language; suicide/harmful ideation in writing or conversation; anxiety/depression/agitation observed; conversation/class comments are worrisome.

Please be as descriptive as possible in describing your concern. A member of the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) will contact you. If this is an immediate concern for your safety or the safety of others while on campus, please contact campus police at (559) 244-5911 or ext. 5911.

How do I use Starfish Early Alert to raise a Behavior Intervention Flag?

To access Starfish Early Alert, log into your My Portal using your single sign-on credentials and click the Starfish link. Once logged into Starfish;

  1. Click on the Menu bar in the upper left corner,
  2. Select Students, then select My Students,
  3. Find your class under the “Connection” drop down and select the appropriate semester,
  4. Select the students name that you are raising the RC Behavior Intervention flag on and click ,
  5. Select RC Behavior Intervention and describe the concern as thoroughly as possible.

To learn more about Starfish, please join the Canvas Starfish Early Alert course or email your questions to

Login to Starfish through My Portal

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