Fee Reversals and Refunds

Fee Reversals can be obtained for Tuition and Health Fees.

Tuition Fee Reversal

Apply in person at the College Business Office (Student Services Building) or online Fee Refunds.

It is the student’s responsibility, not the instructor’s responsibility, to drop a class by the refund/fee reversal deadline. A refund or reversal of enrollment fees and tuition shall be made in accordance with the schedule listed below for reduction in program or withdrawal from class(es) and shall be initiated upon receipt of a written request submitted by the last day of the semester to the College Business Office.

Refund requests require an audit of record to verify the student's balance. Credit balances may be applied or carried forward to the new term in lieu of a refund. Balances greater than $15 will remain on the student’s account for up to 3 years and balances $15 and less will remain on the students account for 1 year.

Primary Term-Length (Full Term Semester) Classes, 16-18 Weeks

  1. Withdrawal during the first two weeks of instruction - 100% refund
  2. Withdrawal after the second week of instruction - no refund

Summer/Short Term Classes

State code defines the drop deadlines required to qualify for fee refund/reversals for short-term classes as on or before 10 percent of the duration of the class.
  1. A 100% refund is given upon withdrawal by the 10% point.
  2. No refund is given after withdrawal beyond the 10% point.


0.8 = 0

1st day of class


1.9 = 1

1st day of class


2.9 = 2

2nd day of class


3.9 = 3

3rd day of class

Note: Classes meeting fewer weeks or fewer days per week will have shorter withdrawal periods based on their 10 percent point. Do not count holidays o non-class meeting days in calculation. On-line Classes, us 5 meeting days per week to figure the total number of meetings. If your class has lecture and lab under one section number, the lecture and lab are considered one meeting for calculation.

Petitions for Fee Reversal

If a class is dropped after the 10% period, but the student never attended the class, he/she may still receive a fee reversal. To apply for a fee reversal you can either apply online or click on the following link: Petition for Fee Reversal.

Health Fee Reversal 

Students receive a 100% fee reversal of the health fee upon complete withdrawal from all classes in accordance with the enrollment and tuition fee refund schedule listed above.

Parking Fee Refunds

Full refunds for parking permits will be made during the first two weeks of the fall/spring semesters and the first week of the summer sessions upon proof of complete withdrawal from school. The parking permits must be attached to a Request For Refund form and submitted to the College Business Office in order to obtain the refund. There is no refund for limited parking permits.

ASG Card Refunds

A refund policy for Associated Student memberships has been adopted by the students. This policy provides for full refund during the first week of classes and one-half refund during the second week. No refunds will be made after the second week.