Tiger Preview 2022

New Student Welcome - Fall 2022

Friday, August 5 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm OR
Saturday, August 6 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm


Call (559) 494-3011 for more information

Welcome Tiger!

This year’s Tiger Preview will be in person. The information and resources provided through the Preview will get you confident for the Fall 2022 semester. We hope you find the follow information helpful and feel free to reach out to us at any time with your questions.










Your Outreach Team

(559) 494-3011

Tools For Success


MyPortal is the single point of access to your common applications, resources, and links. Once logged into the portal, many of these can accessed without further authentication (Single-Sign-On for WebAdvisor, Canvas, and Self Service, with more to come soon. My Portal Supports all major browsers as follows:

  • Google Chrome – Recommended for best experience
  • Mozilla Firefox – Recommended for best experience
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

Working Online

Student Resources (PDF)

Your access to the appropriate technology is critical to your success her at Reedley College. This may be your first time taking an online course. We have a webpage dedicated to help you prepare for technology and the software you will use throughout your time with Reedley College.

Online Information Center

The online information center was created to help you get in contact with us quickly. We have pathway navigators on standby to help point you in the right direction. Ask a quick question. Learning where to go to find what you need. We are here to help.


Starfish provides comprehensive tools that will help you connect with Reedley College resources.  You can also connect with resources at other SCCCD Colleges who are using Starfish.  Reedley College is using Starfish for our early alerts, student education planning and counseling appointments.  As a student, Starfish creates a success network of communication that helps ensure you are connected and that the right people are able to provide you with assistance as needed.


Explore our Reedley College (RC) Pathways to access to resources to help you stay on track with your educational journey. Each Pathway has a list of programs, contacts for support and career exploration information. Get started on your pathway to an education at RC!

Student Activities

Student Activities strives to provide an atmosphere that fosters respect, values all individuals, appreciates diversity, and celebrates the contribution of all. We emphasize the need to recognize that the College community is divers in age, culture, and ethnicity, and that all members contribute to the advancement of society. We promote the idea that student interaction through clubs and social gatherings, student government and participation in College governance, community service activities, and intramural sports is essential to the learning process and create well-rounded citizens.

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