Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

What is STEM? On the surface it stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math but look deeper and you will find exciting and inspiring career opportunities that promote economic and environmental sustainability, creativity, and change. In order to prepare students for global competitiveness in the STEM areas Reedley College has launched a grant funded program designed to help students successfully transfer to a 4-year college or university.

This program goal is to increase Hispanic student enrollment in STEM courses; and ultimately for them to transfer to university and graduate in a STEM related fields. Goal 1: Increase the number of Reedley College Students who are awarded degrees in STEM fields. Goal 2: Increase STEM degrees earned by Hispanic students. Goal 3: Increase the number of RC students and RC Hispanic transferring in STEM fields. Goal 4: Develop new transfer programs in emerging STEM fields and articulate curriculum with four-year colleges and universities. To accomplish this, Reedley College HSI STEM grant proposal focuses on:

  1. New STEM Program Development and Articulation for Transfer
  2. Strengthening of Existing STEM Programs and Labs & Improving Articulation
  3. Academic and Student Services Support for STEM
  4. STEM Outreach to Hispanic Communities and Feeder Schools
  5. Enabling More Data-based Decision-Making Competitive Priority