Important COVID-19 Update for Reedley College Employees

Mar 15, 2020

Due to the outbreak and rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus we have decided to suspend classes for the next four days (Monday through Thursday) in order to move as many classes as possible to some form of distance delivery, as quickly as possible, the same as every other community college in California, as well as most universities.  As a result, we will be offering professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and administrators to learn how to best work from home.  This move to “telecommuting” for many of your assignments may become mandatory as Counties are moving rapidly to suppress the potential community spread of this virus.  We are re-evaluating information from the Fresno County Department of Health daily, and may therefore have to accelerate this transition over the course of the next several days.

We are also encouraging department meetings to discuss these changes, but we also realize the need for many of you to stay home based upon many factors listed below.  We will offer opportunities for everyone to phone in and participate in these meetings, whenever possible, regardless of where you are physically located.


  1. The majority of our K-12 districts closed Friday evening, and do not intend to re-open until mid to late April.
  2. Current recommendations for the public are to restrict gatherings to between 25-50 people maximum, and to observe social distancing that separates people in six foot increments.
  3. We would prefer the following categories of employees to please STAY HOME, starting Monday morning:
    1. If you feel ill or exhibit any symptoms of a cold or the flu.
    2. If you support someone in your household older than 65 years of age or someone who has additional risk factors for COVID-19.
    3. If you are older than 65 years of age or have additional risk factors.
    4. If you are already prepared to teach or work from home – please communicate this with your manager.
  4. We will also understand if you need to stay home to take care of children that are no longer able to attend school – please contact you manager.
  5. Please update your emergency contact information (Cell phone number and personal email) with you manager, so that we can stay in contact with you.
  6. The District has added 10 additional leave days for everyone to utilize during this emergency, if you are unable to work.
  7. The District will continue to pay employees, based upon your contract or your previous month’s work (Full-time, Part-time, and hourly)
  8. The College will continue to provide essential services for resident students and others with special needs.
  9. Starting Monday morning the College will offer expanded support to students and employees by offering an INFORMATION CENTER to be located in the lobby of the administrative building.
  10. Parking regulations at Reedley College will be relaxed until April 27th


Please be aware that our primary goal is to protect the safety of all students and employees, so we will be moving rapidly towards having all employees work from home, and wherever possible support the continuity of classes and services to our students and community.

Thank you for your help and understanding in these very challenging times.


Dr. Jerry L. Buckley, President 
Reedley College

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