COVID-19 Important Reminder from President Buckley

Oct 20, 2020

All –

Reedley College has been working diligently with students, staff and faculty to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our campus community. Preventing the spread of a life-threatening disease is normally a public health issue, but unfortunately this virus has become a political campaign issue, which should never happen.  Based on my many years of working and teaching in the healthcare industry, I can tell you from personal experience that three simple things will continue to keep you safe:

  1. Wearing a mask, or using an accepted face covering
  2. Social distancing, of at least 6 feet
  3. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing work areas

It’s easy to feel a false sense of security when you haven’t seen someone become infected and fight for their life, but I assure you that people are still experiencing this every day.  Our national infection rates are climbing again because people are not taking the simple precautions outlined above.  700 students became infected at one college in New York over the weekend… because they did not believe there was a problem.

As your president it is my responsibility to keep everyone safe, so please be aware of what I expect of each of you when you are on campus.  I wear a mask in public to keep you safe, and I expect each of you to return that courtesy, without exception.

Please leave your political beliefs at the door when you come on campus, as I have the responsibility of implementing guidance from the state and county offices of public health to provide a safe working and learning environment.

Thank you for your cooperation.


President Jerry Buckley Signature

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