Plant and Soil Sciences

Why Study Plant and Soil Science at RC

Students completing this program will be well-informed of physical, chemical, and biological principles and processes of plants and soils. Mastering these principles allow the selection of effective programs of plant development, irrigation, fertility, pest management, and soil management. Completion of the program prepares students for careers in management of tree, vine, vegetable, and field crops.

Courses and Programs

Educational facilities include a 300-acre school farm, 700-acre school forest laboratory at Sequoia Lake, computer laboratory, commercial sheep and beef herds, indoor/outdoor arena, livestock pavilion, student horse boarding facility, swine facility, greenhouses, wholesale nursery, arboretum park, field growing area, vineyard, community garden, and campus woodlots.

Plant and Soil Science Degree and Certificate Programs:

Plant Science (AS-T) Associates in Science for Transfer (AS-T)
Plant and Soil Science (AS) Associates in Science (AS)
Irrigation, Fertility and Pest Management Technician (CA) Certificate of Achievement (CA)
CSU GE Breadth Certificate of Achievement (CA)
Plant Protection Intern (CA) Certificate of Achievement (CA)
Pest Control Advisor Certificate of Achievement (CA)

Program maps represent one possible pathway through the program and are for reference only. Detailed information is available in the course catalog.

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