Benefits of Extended Learning

Extended Learning classes do not contribute to a degree. If you’re interested in an associate degree or transfer to a 4-year university, please visit the Reedley College Pathways page.

Seeking a Degree

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Extended Learning classes DO NOT contribute toward a degree, but they can prepare you for college content with low risk. Noncredit classes are repeatable and allow for mastery of skills. 

Career Preparation

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Obtain skills in short-term vocational programs and gain an edge in the job market. 

Take workforce preparation classes to get your dream job and keep it.

Advanced Skills

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Learn new skills for promotion at your current job. 

Personal Growth and Lifelong Learning

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Take classes to learn skills for mental and physical well-being, economic self-sufficiency, and self-expression. 

Develop skills to enhance the quality of home, family, career, and community life.