Information Systems

The Reedley College Information Systems program contains two routes to completion.

Information Technology Support

Web Programming and Design

Information Technology Support


Whether just starting out in the Information Technology field or already working in the field, Reedley College’s Information Technology Support programs will help you advance in the field of IT. We offer certificate and degree programs that give students the foundation needed for a career in IT.


  • Information Technology Support Technician (CA)
  • Information Systems, Networking and Security (CA)


  • Information Systems, Information Technology Support Option (AS)
  • Information Systems, Networking and Security (AS)

Career Outlook

The job market for this career is very competitive, but there are jobs scattered around with a higher concentration in Fresno. This career field requires people skills, including the ability to work in a team, to communicate, to collaborate, and to provide excellent customer service. A strong work ethic and professional attitude are highly desirable in the Information Technology Support field.

Information Technology Support

Information Technology Support is for students wanting to become a computer repair technician.  We offer a 12-unit, one semester course: IS-80, Computer Technician A+. This course additionally prepares students for the CompTIA A+ industry certification in computer repair.

Students in this course learn the technical aspects of computer repair, including:

  • Hardware installation, replacement, and repair
  • Operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Basic wired and wireless networking
  • Mobile computing
  • System administration
  • Career success skills
  • …and more!

This class is currently delivered as a hybrid course, meaning students will learn both online and face-to-face, offering flexibility for working students. IS-80 is offered in the Fall Semester. Successful completion of this course immediately fulfills the requirements for the Information Technology Support Technician Certificate. 

Networking and Security

Most students that enter the IT field realize that in order to stay above the competition they need to obtain computer networking and security skills. That is where the Networking and Security course comes in. A follow-on to the IS-80 course, IS-81 Computer Network+ and Security+ prepares students for the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ industry certifications. This course is also being developed for hybrid delivery mode, with students meeting online and face to face. IS-81 is offered in the Spring Semester.

Students in the Networking and Security course will learn:

  • Network Infrastructure and documentation
  • Network addressing, protocols, and routing
  • Cabling
  • Wireless Networking
  • Subnets and virtual LANs
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Security Threats
  • Cryptography
  • Network attacks and defenses
  • Device security
  • Identity and access management
  • …and more!

IS-81 is a 12-unit, one semester course. In order to take IS-81, students need to complete the computer repair course (IS-80) first, have attained the CompTIA A+ or similar certification. Successful completion of this course immediately fulfills the requirements for the Information Technology Networking and Security Certificate.

Web Programming and Design

The web programming and design option is for students that would like to learn how to create and manage a website. This requires discipline and attention to detail due to the many coding languages that make up the creation of a website. Some of these coding languages include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Databases, and possibly other frameworks and programming languages. In order to stay competitive, most students that want to go this route obtain the AS Degree in Information Systems with an emphasis in Web Programming and Design. To be really competitive it's advised that students transfer to a University to obtain their Bachelor's Degree.

In order to succeed in this field it is important for students to become technical in coding which takes time. In these courses you will create actual projects such as an entire website that is able to accept user requests and give the user information from a database (dynamic website). At the end of each class you will have a final project and at the end of the program, all of your final projects will comprise your portfolio which is what employers are currently looking for. When searching for jobs and internships your portfolio will play a key role in showcasing your programming and design skills.

It takes time to master coding skills but if you are intrigued and motivated then this may be a field for you.

Courses Offered in the Information Systems – Web Programming and Design route:

Every semester:

  • IS 15 – Computer Concepts

Every Fall:

  • IS 40A – Web Development with HTML and CSS
  • IS 31 – Intro to Programming

Every Spring:

  • IS 40B – Advanced Web Development
  • IS 26A – Database Design

After taking these 5 courses you will receive the certificate in Web Programming and Design