Chemistry-Department---Reedley-College.pngWe teach introductory, general, and organic chemistry courses at Reedley College. We have a passion for teaching chemistry, and a desire to serve the diverse student body at Reedley College. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of help to you in any way.

We offer small classes, with hands-on laboratory experience, from introductory chemistry to organic chemistry.

Associates Transfer Degree in Chemistry (or Science). Our students have entered the medical field as doctors, dentists, research chemists, nurses, dental hygienists, teachers, etc.

CHEM10 (High school chemistry), CHEM3A (Introductory chemistry), CHEM3B (Introductory organic chemistry and biochemistry), CHEM1A (General chemistry I), CHEM1B (General chemistry 2), CHEM28A/B (Organic chemistry), CHEM29A/B (Organic chemistry labs)