The Reedley College Communication Program is a comprehensive program that offers a transfer degree and certificate in communication through a variety of courses. We work closely with our students helping prepare them to transfer and learn communication skills necessary to be successful in college and life.

We are one of the few community college campuses to offer a computer mediated communication course and a communication lab. Our program mentors former students earning internship university credit while assisting current students in the lab. Our students have great success in transferring to universities.


Communication (AA)
Communication Studies (AA-T)

Certificate of Achievement

Communication Studies (CA)

Courses Offered

Communication 1: Public Speaking
Communication 1 Honors: Public Speaking
Communication 2: Interpersonal Communication
Communication 4: Persuasion
Communication 8: Group Communication
Communication 10: Intercultural Communication
Communication 12: Oral Interpretation
Communication 15: Computer Mediated Communication
Communication 25: Argumentation

Communication Brochure

Communication Certificate Flyer


Full time Faculty

Vanessa Buldo ext. 3680, Hum. 56

Dr. Linda Carvalho Cooley  ext. 3126, Soc. 38

Nicole Cooper ext. 3272,  Hum. 56