Art Department

The Art Department at Reedley College offers students a classic approach to the visual arts. Through an emphasis on ceramics, drawing and painting, students can engage in a strong foundational experience in the plastic arts. With an array of courses to choose from, students can peruse their personal interests in the arts as well as prepare for transfer to a university level art program.

The Arts at Reedley College consists of a constant process of learning, self-reflection and active hands-on participation. Courses in the arts allows students to collaborate towards common goals and build fellowship amongst one another as they pursue their individual goals in art. As a tool the visual arts are powerful language for engaging the complex new visual world that we collectively find ourselves immersed in. By providing opportunities for critical thinking and complex analysis of the visual world, the visual arts are essential in creating beneficial experiences for students on their academic paths.

Reedley College Art Department offers Courses in:

  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • 2D & 3D Design
  • Art Appreciation
  • Art History



The Ceramic Program at Reedley College provides a broad range of opportunities for students interested in working with clay.


Drawing and Painting

paint brush

The Drawing and Painting Program at Reedley College provides an opportunity for students to gain introductory experience in the field of drawing and painting.

Drawing & Painting



Reedley College Art Department offers courses in 2-Dimensional Design and 3-Dimensional Design.


Art Faculty

Full Time Faculty:

Tracy CarreraTracy Carrera
Instructor, Drawing & Painting

Carrera attended Weber State University in the early 1990s, and finished her BFA and MFA degrees at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Currently the head of the Drawing and Painting program at Reedley College.



David HicksDavid Hicks
Instructor, Ceramics

David Hicks (USA, b.1977) is an artist who lives and works in his hometown of Visalia, California. He received a BFA in Ceramic Arts from California State University Long Beach (CSULB) in 2003, and an MFA in Ceramics from Alfred University in New York in 2006. Hicks’ sculptural work can be found in public and private collections such as  the Boise Museum of Art in Boise, ID, the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA, and the U.S. Department of State’s Art in Embassies Collection in Washington, DC.

Adjunct Faculty & Staff:

Pascual ArriagaPascual Arriaga
Adj. Instructor, Ceramics

California based artist and Marine Corps Veteran, Pascual Arriaga, received his Bachelor in Fine Arts in Cal Poly Pomona. He continued his education at California State University Fullerton and received his Masters of Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics.. His works have been exhibited at the National Ceramic Conference to various Southern California venues such as Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, W. Keith and Janet Kellogg Art Gallery at Cal Poly Pomona. Currently he is teaching ceramic sculpture and pottery at Reedley College in Reedley, California.


Eliana SaucedoEliana Saucedo
Adj. Instructor, Drawing & Painting
Central Valley based Artist Eliana Saucedo received her Masters of Arts from Fresno State University in 2012. She maintains an active exhibition schedule and studio practice with recent exhibitions at the Arte Americas in Fresno CA and participation in the Bracero Collaboration with the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition.



Jamie BuettnerJamie Buettner
Adj. Instructor Art History & Art Appreciation
Ms. Jamie Buettner received her M.A. in Art History from California State University, Fresno, earning the Dean’s Medal Nomination for the Art Department. She received her B.S. in Physical Therapy from CSUF, with distinction. This multidisciplinary background has informed her research and scholarship in the areas of historical manipulation of human anatomy in paintings and fashion, gender performance in visual art and costume, reading portraiture through clothing, and disability theory. 

David Herrera
Art Department Technician
An Alumni of Reedley College and graduate of Fresno State University with his Bachelors in Art in Ceramics. Providing the department with assistance in daily operation and technical support for class operation and students assistance, David is an essential part of the Art Departments operation.