Reedley College Curriculum Committee

The curriculum process is a faculty driven process by which curriculum is developed and updated on a regular basis to maintain articulation, remain current with new developments in content, and integrate new instructional methods. The curriculum committee meets weekly during the school year. The curriculum committee is led by the Academic Senate Vice President for Curriculum.

Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations § 55002 (a) (1) includes the following:

 “Curriculum Committee. The college and/or district curriculum committee recommending the course shall be established by the mutual agreement of the college and/or district administration and the academic senate. The committee shall be either a committee of the academic senate or a committee that includes faculty and is otherwise comprised in a way that is mutually agreeable to the college and/or district administration and the academic senate.”

The Reedley College Academic Senate has designated that the Reedley College Curriculum Committee has the authority to make recommendations regarding curriculum (including compliance of courses with state standards) directly to the local governing board through the district Educational Coordinating and Planning Committee (ECPC).

The committee and the curricular process must comply with shared governance requirements. This means, on curriculum issues, that the college must consult collegially in accordance with the Shared Governance Policy of the Board of Trustees (AR 4020 Program and Curriculum Development and BP 2510 Participation in Local Decision-making).

Locally defined duties of the Curriculum Committee

  • defines local academic and curricular standards
  • ensures that local general education and associate degree requirements are appropriate to meet the goals of the College and the needs of students and the communities the College serves
  • recommends to the SCCCD Board of Trustees approval of new courses and programs
  • scrutinizes and approves prerequisites, corequisites, and advisories and their documentation (content review and establishing prerequisite/corequisites)
  • recommends to receiving institutions courses and programs for transfer/articulation
  • reviews existing curriculum
    • determines the appropriateness of new and revised course or educational program proposals for departments or disciplines.
    • ensures that all Career Technical Education (CTE) Course Outlines of Record are updated/reviewed every two years and all other Course Outlines of Record are updated every five years
    • with administration and senate, maintain and carry out other locally defined duties as articulated in SCCCD Board Policy, Administrative Regulations, and Reedley College Academic Senate resolutions per agreed upon regulations

General Curriculum Information

Curriculum Committee meets Thursdays, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in LRC 104 and via POLYCOM with Madera Community College Center.

Curriculum submission deadline is the third Friday of each fall/spring semester.

Meeting agenda and materials can be found at:
RC Curriculum Committee Meetings

Curriculum Committee Members List

2019-2020 Curriculum Committee Members

Area Represented

Committee Member Name

Academic Senate Vice President for Curriculum (standing chair)

Natasha Maryanow

Vice Chair elected from the membership of the committee

Toni Ensz

Curriculum Analyst (non-voting)

Cheryl Hesse



Vice President, Instruction (non-voting)

Dale van Dam

2 Deans of Instruction (non-voting) appointed by the College President


(1)Dean of Instruction (non-voting)

Shelly Conner

(2)Dean of Instruction (non-voting)


Dean of Student Services (non-voting)

Shannon Solis

2 Academic Senate Representatives as appointed by the Academic Senate President


(1)Academic Senate Representatives RC

Harmony Murphy

(2)Academic Senate Representatives RC


3 Madera/Oakhurst Representatives appointed by the Madera/Oakhurst Faculty President


(1)Madera/Oakhurst Representative

Antoniette Aizon

(2)Madera/Oakhurst Representative

Sheryl Young-Manning

(3)Madera/Oakhurst Representative

Hillary Biehler

Madera/Oakhurst Faculty Representative as appointed by the Madera/Oakhurst Faculty Association


Articulation Officer

Erica Bourbon

10 Reedley College Department Representatives


(1)      Agriculture & Natural Resources Department Representative

Josh Soderlund (David Lopes)

(2)      Business Department

Daniel Morales

(3)      Communication and Languages Department

David Nippoldt

(4)      Composition, Literature, and Reading Department

Heather Paul

(5)      Counseling Department

Gloria de la Cruz-Pulido

(6)      Industrial Technology Department

Michael Ornelas

(7)      Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering Department

Julie Kehoe

(8)      Health Sciences, Child Development & Physical Education Department

Nancy Marsh

(9)      Science & Geography Department

Whitney Menefee (F18) / Bill Blanken (SP19)

Fine Arts and Social Sciences Department

Elizabeth Rard

Developmental Services Representative (appointed by the Director of DSPS)

Ashley Calhoun

Auxiliary Representatives appointed by auxiliary faculty members


2 Student Representative as appointed by the ASG President (non-voting)


(1)Student Representative

Raul Lopez

(2)Student Representative


Distance Education Coordinator (non-voting)

Amanda Taintor

  ECPC meets monthly

 Board of Trustees meet the first Tuesday of the month unless otherwise specified on the calendar.


Curriculum is managed through eLumen, a web-based curriculum management system. Reedley College's Course Outline of Record for each course is available at Course Outlines of Record (COR)

All modifications to courses and programs, newly developed courses and programs, as well as deleted programs and courses are processed using the eLumen Curriculum Management system. For assistance with eLumen, contact Cheryl Hesse at extension 3307 or

Approved Course Outlines of Record and Program Outlines of Record are available at Course and Program Outlines

SCCCD Intra-District Articulated Courses

The list of “in-lieu” courses that Clovis Community College, Fresno City College and Reedley College (which includes the Madera Community College Center and Oakhurst Community College Center) have agreed to articulate with one another to meet major requirements for an Associate in Arts degree, an Associate in Science degree, or a Certificate of Achievement is available at html

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to verify with an academic counselor that the “in-lieu” course(s) successfully completed can meet the respective college’s: (a) local general education; (b) CSU GE pattern; (c) IGETC pattern; and/or (d) major requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). Do not ask a friend! Additional resources can be found in the respective college’s catalog and ASSIST.

Reedley College Programs include:

  • Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T) (AS-T)
  • Associate in Science (AS) or Associate in Arts (AA)
  • Certificate of Achievement (CA)
  • Certificates in (name of program)
  • Certificates of Completion/Competency (CC) (noncredit) 

An alphabetical listing of all degrees and certificates offered at Reedley College is available in the college catalog.

Transfer Degrees and Major Programs

Reedley College students may transfer to universities to complete their bachelor's degree work. The College's transfer programs offer coursework which can meet lower division General Education requirements for the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems.

Articulation agreements with various UC and CSU systems can be obtained in the Counseling Office, Transfer Center or on the website: ASSIST. Students planning to transfer should consult a counselor for program planning purposes.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs

Reedley College offers Career and Technical Education programs designed to prepare students for a career or occupation. These programs offer the student education and training in selected career fields. Many certificates of achievement combined with General Education units prepare the student for an Associate Degree.

Certificates of Achievement (16 or more units)

A certificate of achievement shall be awarded to students who successfully complete a specified curriculum with a minimum "C" grade in each required course. The specific courses required for the certificate of achievement are identified in each degree program where such certificates are awarded.

Certificates (8 to less than 16 units)

Certificates for a course or a series of courses fewer than 16 units may be offered by departments. A certificate may be awarded with a minimum of "C" average for finishing a course or courses leading to specific competencies.

Program Level Outcomes by List of Program

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes are the knowledge, skills, and abilities a student is expected to be able to demonstrate upon completion of a certificate or degree. Program Level Student Learning Outcomes are listed in the current catalog.

Course outlines

Course outlines of record are available at Course and Program Outlines.

Resources for Developing Courses and Programs