Mule Club

The Reedley College Mule Club is a student leadership organization. The purpose is to offer opportunities for students to learn about equine handling, equitation, and packing for recreational and professional use. The club is associated with the NR 31, Animal Packing course, and the Reedley College Mule Team. Any Reedley College student can join the Reedley College Mule Club regardless of whether the individual has taken the NR 31 course. Students competing on the Mule Team must have taken the packing course (or with special permission of the team coach. Activities of the Mule Club may include social outings, trail rides, parades, and fundraisers. The fundraisers may be used to support competition by the Mule Team in addition to social activities.

For more info, contact advisors Louie Long and Clyde O'Bannon