Welcome to the Reedley College Business Department

Our “real world” focus provides students the foundation required for transfer to a four-year institution or fast path options for employment.  Our instructors have a vast array of private industry experience they bring to the classroom to benefit students.  Local and national business leaders graciously volunteer their time to act as program advisors, allowing us to stay current in “best practices” as well as keep pace with the ever-changing business environment.  We are committed to helping our students pursue opportunities in the private sector or with their own business start-up. We take great pride in our nationally recognized program, focused on the “real world” application of traditional as well as innovative business and entrepreneurial practice.

David Clark – Business Department Dean.  Education:  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 

Jason Boyer - Computer Concepts, CompTIA A+ Technician Cert., Networking and Security.

Education:  U.S. Navy Veteran, Columbia College, University of Phoenix

Private Industry Experience: Information Technology, Software Technical Support and Quality Assurance, Technical Sales & Marketing, Telecommunications, Avionics. 


Naun Garcia - Computer Concepts, Web Development

Education:  California State University Fresno

Private Industry Experience:  Web Development, Online Marketing, Web Hosting

David Meier - Economics, Business Law

Education:  Stanford University

Private Industry Experience:  Commercial Real Estate, Professional Sports Collective Bargaining

Daniel Morales - Computer Concepts, Programming, Web Development

Education:  USC

Private Industry Experience: Web Development, Database

Eric Nasalroad - Entrepreneurship, Human Relations, Investing, General Business

Education:  California State University Fresno

Private Industry Experience:  Real Estate, Ecommerce, Agribusiness, SaaS

Eunji Seo - Accounting

Education:  University of New Orleans

Private Industry Experience: Financial Accounting

Mike Sorensen - Business Stats, Finite Math, General Business

Education:  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Private Industry Experience:  Ecommerce, Healthcare

Students who complete the course work for this Certificate will obtain a foundational knowledge of modern business and management theories. They will have acquired the necessary skills, education and classroom experience to understand foundational business principles and be able to contribute this knowledge in entry level business positions.

Required Courses
IS-15 (3 units)
BA-18 (4 units)
BA-10 (3 units)
ACCOUNTING 40 (3 units) OR 4A (4 units)
ECON 1A (3 units) OR ECON 1B (3 units)
BA-39 (3 units) OR STAT-7 (4 units)


Certificate of Achievement (R.2031.CA)