Criminal Justice

  • Provide the student with information that will enable them to make intelligent choices concerning a career in Criminal Justice.
  • Provide a program of instruction that exceeds P.O.S.T. requirements.
  • Provide instruction by "street experienced" instructors who bring a measure of reality to the classroom, as well as principle and philosophy.

Full-time faculty

Mr. Dennis Montejano

Criminology-Corrections (AS)

Criminology-Law Enforcement (AS)

Criminology-Corrections (CA)

Criminology-Law Enforcement (CA)

Criminology 1 - Introduction to Criminology

Criminology 3 - Legal Aspects of Evidence

Criminology 4 - Principles & Procedures of the Justice System

Criminology 5 - Community Relations

Criminology 6 - Criminal Law

Criminology 7 - Police Operations and Procedures

Criminology 8 - Criminal Investigations

Criminology 10 - Vice Control

Criminology 11 - Juvenile Delinquency

Criminology 12 - Criminal Justice Communications

Criminology 13 - The Constitution and Your Individual Rights

Criminology 14 - Multicultural Issues Within Public Safety

Criminology 15 - Introduction to Police Ethics

Criminology 19V - Cooperative Work Experience, Criminal Justice

Criminology 20 - Introduction to Corrections

Criminology 23 - Correctional Interviewing and Counseling

Criminology 24 - Control and Supervision in Corrections

Criminology 28 - Probation and Parole

Those who successfully complete our program may matriculate to a university for further education, attend an academy for law enforcement or corrections, and/or choose a related career such as:

  1. Law
  2. Probation/Parole
  3. Forensic Criminology
  4. Public Safety
  5. Criminal Research
  6. Private/Industrial Security
  7. Public Administration