The Reedley College Library offers a dynamic and innovative environment for students and responds to the learning styles of today’s student, helping them achieve their learning outcomes.

Library faculty and staff provide services to students and enhance student engagement through partnerships with instructional faculty and the development of directed learning activities, which extend classroom instruction and develop information literacy skills.


Email: library@reedleycollege.edu 

Phone: 559-494-3052

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Guiding Principles

The Reedley College Library offers display space in the library for campus departments and clubs, as well as individuals and community groups that want to educate, inform, or engage the public. Display spaces are intended to complement the Reedley College’s and the library’s educational mission, and to enhance patron’s experience in the library and on campus.

The Reedley College Library permission to use display space does not imply endorsement of the beliefs, policies, or programs of the exhibitor by the library, administration, or Board of Trustees, but rather subscribes to the ALA Bill of Rights with regard to use of library facilities, as well as supporting Freedom of Speech and Expression as outlined in the First Amendment.

Please complete the form below and return it to the library to have your request processed.



6 Weeks - Limit 10 - 2 Renewals


7 Days - Limit 5 - 2 Renewals

Graphing Calculators

1 Semester - Limit 1 - No Renewals

In-House Only


Course Reserves

Anatomy Models

Molecular Kits

2 Hours - Limit 1 Each


Presentation Clickers

1 Day - Limit 1

Inquire at the Circulation Desk

In-House Only




Laptop Chargers

DVD Drives

4 Hours - Limit 1 Each

Inquire at the Periodicals Desk


Reedley College Library study rooms are intended for student use to support student learning, success, and collaboration. The library has two study rooms available for use – LRC 100 and LRC 102. Rooms are equipped with white boards and large-screen monitors. Dry erase markers, erasers, and remotes are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.

Room Capacity: 10
Checkout Limit: 2 hours

  •  Rooms are released within 15 minutes of a no-show. Students are advised to notify library staff if they are running late.
  • Rooms are released after 15 minutes of vacancy. A vacancy is defined as a student who has left the room during their reservation. The library is not responsible for unattended items. The library reserves the right to notify Campus PD to remove unattended, unclaimed items from the rooms. Students are advised to plan their time accordingly.
  • Students are responsible for the condition of the room.
  • For safety, rooms must be left unlocked and lights must be on during checkout.

Renewals: Based on availability

All library users are expected to follow library policies and the district Standard of Conduct in
order to receive library privileges.

Please visit in-person or contact the library at 559-494-3052 or library@reedleycollege.edu to
reserve a study room.

  • Books, Audiobooks, and eBooks
  • Magazines, Academic Journals, and Newspapers
  • In-House Laptops (for day use in library only)
  • Graphing Calculators (limited supply; on a first come, first served basis)
  • Anatomical & Molecular Kits
  • Course Reserves
  • Research Databases – includes scholarly articles, eBooks, streaming audiobooks, and videos
  • Library Research Assistance
  • 24/7 Ask-A-Librarian
  • Desktop Computer Stations
  • Printer and Copier – 10 cents/B&W page, 20 cents/B&W double-sided
  • Scanner
  • 2 Conference Rooms
  • 30-Seat Library Instruction Classroom (LRC 104)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Charging Stations – electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops

The Reedley College Library strives to support learning and promote academic success by ensuring a pleasant, welcoming environment conducive to study, research, and personal enrichment. All library users are expected to follow library policies and the district Standard of Conduct, outlined below, in order to receive library privileges. 

Student Conduct Standards

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner whenever they are on campus or representing the college in any activity. Specific rules and regulations have been established in Board Policy 5500. A copy of this policy is available in the college library, the Admissions Office, the Vice President of Student Services’ office, the Student Activities Office, and Office of Instruction.

Conduct standards are designed to perpetuate the college’s educational purposes, allowing students to enjoy the right of freedom to learn. Failure to adhere to the accepted standards
will result in disciplinary actions.


Allie Kenyon, Librarian. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3063

Nance Espinosa, Adjunct Librarian. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3352

Acacia Lapin, Adjunct Librarian. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3691

Jessica Andrade-Azua, Adjunct Librarian. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3691

Stephanie Gonzalez, Adjunct Librarian. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3691

*Email librarians for a Zoom appointment.

Library Staff

Tony Tran, Library Operations Coordinator. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3697

Stephanie Doyle, Senior Library Technician. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3692

Kyle Kirkman, Senior Library Technician. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3654

Kim Lynch, Library Technician. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3696

Mel Mejia, Evening PT Library Technician. (559) 494-0300 EXT. 3352