The Mathematics department at Reedley College offers both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Statistics pathways to prepare students for a variety of exciting careers. Whether a student chooses to major in Mathematics or pursue another STEM degree, math courses will play a major role in their education. At Reedley College we offer an excellent assortment of math and statistic courses as well as a Math Center staffed by math faculty.

At Reedley College we offer pathways for both STEM and non-STEM majors and students have excellent support available through our Math Center staffed by both faculty and certified student tutors. The Reedley College Math Center is open daily and offers one on one help on a drop in basis as well as weekly workshops.

To connect with math tutors self-enroll in the Math Center Canvas course.

To connect with STEM faculty and students self-enroll in the STEM Pathway Canvas course


Mathematics Associate in Science Degree, AS

Mathematics Associate in Science for Transfer, AS-T

Careers: Actuary, Engineer, Computer Scientist, Architect, Economist


Math 11 Elementary Statistics

Math 10A Structure and Concepts in Mathematics I

Math 10B Structure and Concepts in Mathematics II

Math 45 Contemporary Mathematics

Math 3A College Algebra

Math 4A Trigonometry

Math 5A Calculus I

Math 5B Calculus II

Math 6 Calculus III

Math 17 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

Full Time Faculty

Doug Gong (Department Chair)

Veronica Andrade-Romeo

Kelsey Casteel

Jim Gilmore

Julie Kehoe

Conrad Perez

Lina Obeid

Rebecca Reimer

Ron Reimer

Walid Tayar

Kelly Winter

Steven Zook


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