Re-take Policies

RC follows the suggested publisher guidelines regarding waiting periods between retakes and are more restrictive in that counselor intervention is needed. Meaning that, Only a counselor can authorize a retake. There are no additional current conditions identified that must be met. The following are the guidelines for retaking tests:

a.Publisher guidelines:

  • Each placement test may be taken no more than two times in any semester and not more than three times in any two-year period. A fourth and final retest within the two-year period may be approved if deemed necessary if a District counselor determines it necessary, after consultation with the student.

b.College guidelines:

  • General Placement Test: Students may be eligible to retake the General Placement Test one time with counselor permission.
  • CELSA: Students are only allowed to take the CELSA one time. The Federal regulations for ATB changed in 2011. Now all incoming students must have a high school diploma in order to qualify for Financial Aid. Only students who were actively enrolled in college prior to the new regulations going into effect are able to use the old ATB process. 

Recency: All students entering RC for the first time (or after a 2-year absence) must take a General Placement Test prior to registration as part of the matriculation process mandated by the State of California Community College Chancellor's Office.

1. Do I HAVE to take a placement test?

All students must satisfy the placement test requirements unless:

They are not seeking a degree and plan to take courses that have no prerequisites or placement testing requirements in reading, writing or mathematics.

They have received a placement test waiver by submitting other assessment results.

They have taken relevant coursework at another college or university.

2. What test does Reedley College administer?

Reedley College (RC) uses College Board products including Accuplacer for general testing and for ESL testing.

3. Does Reedley College accept/use placement test scores from other colleges within the State Center Community College District? (i.e., Fresno City College or Clovis Community College)

The type of placement test used and how it is interpreted vary between colleges within our district. RC (including the Oakhurst and Madera Centers), Fresno City College (FCC), and Clovis Community College (CCC) counselors will review test scores from within our district but additional measures may be needed to determine appropriate course placement. If this is the case, the counselor may ask a student to take the placement test specific to Reedley College.

4. Does Reedley College use placement test scores from other colleges outside the State Center Community College District?

The type of placement test used and how it is interpreted vary from college to college, therefore it is strongly recommended to schedule and take the placement test specifically aligned to the RC curriculum. You have the right to have your outside placement evaluated by a Reedley College counselor; however, the counselor may still require that you take the RC placement test.

5. When is my test appointment?

Students may find out the date and time of their appointment by accessing eSARS, logging in using their Reedley College ID # and 8 digit birth date, and selecting "View or Cancel Appointment".

6. What days and times does Reedley College administer tests?

Reedley College administers tests weekly. Students can check the Test Calendar to view a tentative calendar for the academic year or go to eSARS, log-in using their Reedley College ID # and 8 digit birth date, and view the test dates/times available within the next 30 days.

7. What do my placement test scores mean?

Test result scores are used with other multiple measures to provide counselors information to assist students in selecting appropriate coursework. Therefore for interpretation of results is best explained by a counselor. To obtain a better understanding of how test result scores are used for each individual student, please schedule an appointment with a counselor on eSARS. Please note: Reedley College placement test scores are not based out of 100 points.

8. Am I able to retake my placement tests?

Students may be eligible to retake the General Placement Test one time WITH COUNSELOR PERMISSION. (See Official Retake Policy)

9. Does Reedley College provide test accommodations?

Testing accommodations are available for students with a verified disability. Please contact Reedley College’s Disabled Students Programs and Services by calling (559) 638-0332 or visit DSP&S.

10. Does Reedley College offer distance testing?

Yes. For special circumstances, arrangements may be made to take the placement test online at local community high schools. High school must be more than 100 miles away. Students will be required to locate and verify their own proctor. For more information please follow the directions here.

11. Does Reedley College offer test proctoring for outside agencies/colleges/universities?

Due to test process and facility changes with Reedley College’s test services, test proctoring for outside agencies/colleges/universities has been suspended at this time.

12. How do I obtain a printout of my Placement Test Scores?

Once the test is completed, all students are given a free printout of their placement test scores for their personal record. If needed, a student may obtain an additional printout of their placement test results, by accessing and logging into Reedley College WebAdvisor: For questions about WebAdvisor access, username, or password, contact Reedley College Admissions and Records at (559) 638-0323.

If the FAQ's do not provide the information you are inquiring about or you need further assistance please email Erick.Kroll@reedleycollege.edu

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