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Please refer to the Transfer Center calendar and the Transfer Day tab for additional information. Call the Transfer Center at (559) 494-0300, ext. 3234 to inquire about meeting with a university representative that is not listed below.

California State University

Fresno State

Campus Contact

Lian Vang, Recruitment Counselor
Connect with Lian: (559) 278-2048

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CSU Bakersfield

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Katelynn Ellison, Admission Counselor
Connect with Katelynn: (805) 437-8451                                                                                                          Schedule an Appointment        

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Sacramento State

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San Jose State

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University of California


Campus Contact

Lila Mendoza, Assistant Director, Transfer Recruitment
Connect with Lila: (310) 794-9548
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UC Merced

Campus Contact

Mariah Tresvant, South Valley Admissions Transfer Advisor
Connect with Mariah: (209) 500-9580
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UC Merced
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Private Universities in California

The Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) is comprised of 85 independent, nonprofit colleges and universities, which make up the Independent California Colleges and Universities (ICCU) sector. The ICCU sector plays a pivotal role in the development of the state's model higher education offerings and in making California a symbol of innovation across the globe. Within California, the ICCU award 20% of all bachelor's degrees, and over 50% of all graduate degrees, making them the largest preparers of California's advanced workforce.

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Antioch University

Campus Contact

Harrison McDonough, Admissions Recruiter
Connect with Harrison: (310) 578-1080 ext. 106
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DVU Students Graduating

Representative: DVU Logo

Emily McShane
Dean of Campus and University Partnerships

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Campus Contact

Emma Heinrichs, Transfer Admission Counselor
Connect with Emma: (559) 453-2330
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Campus Contact

Lauren Minaudo, Outreach & Admissions Representative 
Connect with Lauren: (559) 302-4117                                                                                         


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Campus Contact

Ernesto Espinoza, Assistant Director, Transfer Recruitment
Connect with Ernesto: (209) 946-3065
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