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Student Services Online Appointment Scheduling

To schedule an appointment, please select the Student Service program desired. *Note: New Students Must Wait 24 hours after submitting the SCCCD/Reedley College Admissions Application before scheduling on eSARS.

Need a Student Education Plan (SEP)?: If you are a member of a special program, click on the appropriate link below and request an SEP directly from them. For students who are not part of a special program, click on the General Counseling link to schedule your SEP.

General Counseling

General Counseling offers Future and Same Day appointments.  

  • Future eSARS will show counselor appointments available beginning the next available day.
  • Same-Day eSARS will show counselor appointments available today for that day only. *Note: Same-Day appointments open each day at 12:01 AM and there are a limited number of slots each day.
    • General counseling also offers specialized counselors for STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) and CTE (Career Technical/Vocational) majors.

Counseling - Future

Counseling - Same Day


Career Technical Education (CTE)

Counseling & Testing - Madera Center

Counseling & Placement Testing - Oakhurst Center

Testing Appointments

Career Counseling and Workshops

Transfer Counseling & Workshops

Basic Skills Counselor

Basic skills are those foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and English as a Second Language, as well as learning skills and study skills which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work. If you are enrolled/eligible for ESL courses (English as a Second Language) and/or non-transfer level English/Math courses (Engl-250/260, 252/262, 125/126; Math-260, 250, 256, 201, 103) then you are eligible for specialized counseling services from the BSI counselor.

BSI Counseling

Student Support Counseling Programs



Student Support Services