Strategic Planning

2020-2021 Strategic Drivers

  1. Equity is not only a value of our institution and a desired outcome, but a process of intentional action focused on operationalizing our equity lens, implementing professional development and culturally responsive practices, and empowering students.
  2. Improve communication through website re-organization, enhanced internal and external information sharing, and identification of reliable two-way channel(s) for student communication. The College must ensure that communication in any form is accessible with regard to digital format, language use, and technology.
  3. Align planning and evaluation documents and ensure planning and evaluation documents are visible to relevant constituent groups.
  4. Utilize physical, capital, and human resources more effectively.

Strategic Plan ~ 2017-2021

(as of March 29, 2017)

Mission Statement: Reedley College motivates and empowers students to be successful by providing high-quality, innovative educational opportunities. We inspire a passion for learning to meet the academic and workforce goals of our diverse communities. Our associate degree programs, career technical education, transfer level, and basic skills courses are offered in an accessible and safe learning environment.

Vision: As an exemplary educational institution, Reedley College cultivates professional, well-prepared individuals who will enrich our ever changing local, regional, and global communities.

Student Success
We are committed to students’ intellectual empowerment and the development of critical thinking. We are committed to support our students in their pursuit of individual academic, career, and personal goals.

We are accountable and transparent, and we adhere to the highest professional standards. (from district strategic plan)

We are committed to the enhancement, preservation, conservation, and effective utilization of our resources. (from district strategic plan)

We are committed to and intentional in creating an environment that cultivates, embraces and celebrates diversity. (from district strategic plan)

We are committed to fostering a spirit of teamwork with our students, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators while expanding our partnerships with education, industry, and our communities.


1. Excellence in Education

A. Instructional Services

B. Student Support

2. Institutional Effectiveness

A. Foster Student Success

B. Build and maintain facilities

C. Engage in collaborative and integrated planning

D. Intentionally pursue inclusion

E. Maximize resources (financial and other)

3. Leadership in Higher Education and Community Collaboration

A. Establish environments for community engagement

B. Foster and expand partnerships (industry, community and internal)

4. Accreditation of Madera Community College Center

02.22.17 to PAC for feedback
03.15.17 to College Council
03.14.17 Classified Senate Approval
03.28.17 Academic Senate Approved
03.31.17 ASG Approval Pending

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