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Reedley Collge General Education Learning Outcomes (GELO'S)

Students graduating with an associate degree from Reedley College will be able to meet the following student learning outcomes:

Communication Skills

  • Interpret various types of written, visual, and verbal information.
  • Organize ideas and communicate precisely and clearly to express complex thoughts both orally and in writing.

Critical Thinking and Information Literacy

  • Analyze quantitative information and apply scientific methodologies.
  • Employ critical and creative modes of inquiry to solve problems, explore alternatives, and make decisions.
  • Synthesize researched information obtained from accurate, credible, and relevant sources to support, advance, or rebut an opinion.



Global and Community Literacy

  • Analyze the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences from cultural, historic, and aesthetic perspectives.
  • Apply historical and contemporary issues and events to civic and social responsibility.
  • Demonstrate sensitive and respectful treatment of a variety of ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Personal Development

  • Assess current knowledge, skills, and abilities to further develop them and apply them to new situations.
  • Incorporate physical and emotional principles to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Make ethical personal and professional choices.

Approved by College Council May 13, 2009