Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why Assessment?

We assess every day as we read student papers, examine test scores, revise lesson plans, guide students through services, and talk to colleagues about best practices. To assess is to identify what you want your students to learn (Student Learning Outcomes) and to measure to what degree they have learned it. Faculty will assess their course outcomes, using the information to make decisions in their courses to foster the best learning situations. Program members will engage in useful dialogue based on their information to improve student learning and services. Any curricular or program changes and/or and budgetary requests will be discussed through the Program Review process which includes the analysis of student learning outcomes results and action plans. The College will share this information with the community and accrediting agencies.

Will this involve a lot of paperwork?

No. Faculty and program leads will complete their assessments according to their self-decided 5-year timeline as established in their Program Review report. All assessment reporting will be documented within the Program Review report, documenting assessment techniques, evaluations, and conclusions. A summary of these reports will be compiled by the Student Learning Outcome Coordinator and presented to the College every semester.

Does this mean I will have to administer a standardized test?

Not unless your program wants to design one. Assessment is faculty and staff driven. It is a collective decision as to what assessment methodologies will be used just as it is a collaborative dialogue to evaluate the assessment and decide on any changes (if needed) within the course or program.