What to do if a student is absent due to COVID

Any student that reports that they are 

  • feeling ill,
  • tested positive for COVID, or
  • may have been exposed to COVID

should be directed to:

  • stay home,
  • complete the Student COVID Reporting form or call the Reedley College Health Services Office (559-494-3028) to set up a health consultation over the phone, and
  • contact their private health care provider. 

Once the Health Services Office has spoken to the student, they will provide COVID isolation guidelines and create a return-to-campus plan for the student.  

You will be contacted by Health Services only if there is an indication of in-class transmission (transmissions to date have occurred off campus).  Unless contacted by Health Services, your class should proceed as planned. Do not unilaterally cancel class or change the modality; contact your Dean if you have questions.  Please continue to abide by the COVID protocols (masks while on campus, distancing when appropriate, disinfecting surfaces, and handwashing) to limit the potential spread to others in class.