Students playing pool

Student Activities, Government, & Clubs

The Student Activities Office strives to provide an atmosphere that fosters respect, values all individuals, appreciates diversity, and celebrates the contribution of all. We emphasize the need to recognize that the College community is diverse in age, culture, and ethnicity, and that all members contribute to the advancement of society. We promote the idea that student interaction through clubs and social gatherings, student government and participation in College governance, community service activities, and intermural sports is essential to the learning process and creates well-rounded citizens. Clubs and student associations exist at Reedley College to connect students of common interests and enhance the learning and experiences of college life. Meeting new people and being exposed to new ideas is an important part of the collegiate experience. Students who are involved in extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, creative productions and community service report being more satisfied with their college experiences.

Get involved today and create a positive experience for yourself! Contact Paul Torres in the Student Activities Office for more information!

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