How to apply for Scholarships

Step 1: If you have never attended Reedley College, or if you have had a break in enrollment since the last time you attended, you must complete the Reedley College Admission Application.

Step 2: Activate your Reedley College student email account.

Step 3: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) or Dream Act Application (Undocumented and nonresident document students) BEFORE submitting your scholarship application in order to be considered for need-based scholarships.

Step 4: Go to Scholarship Manager to create your account and complete the scholarship application.


  • High School Transcripts: current high school seniors and continuing college students with less than 12 college units completed must upload their high school transcripts to the Scholarship Application. Unofficial copies are acceptable.
  • College Transcripts: current State Center Community College District (SCCCD) students with 12 or more college units completed must upload their SCCCD transcript to the Scholarship Application. Students who have attended another college/university outside of SCCCD and have completed 12 or more college units must upload prior college transcripts. Unofficial copies are acceptable.
  • Letters of Recommendation: You are required to upload at least one Letter of Recommendation to your Scholarship Application, although some scholarships may required TWO or more Letters of Recommendation. Contact the person(s) that you will be requesting recommendation from and give them plenty of time to write the letter for you. Good people to use as recommending sources are instructors, counselors or employers.
  • Autobiographical Information: Part of the Scholarship Application requires you to provide autobiographical information, such as your family background, educational and career goals, and other information about yourself to share with the Selection Committee. We recommend that you type your responses in a word document processor (i.e. Microsoft Works or Word), then copy and paste it into your application. For tips to help you with writing your autobiographical information, refer to the Scholarship Catalog or contact the Writing Center.


Students attending Reedley College during the award year may apply. Our donors designate specific criteria based on academic achievement, educational and career goals, and financial need. By completing the Reedley College Scholarship Application you will be matched to all scholarships for which you qualify.

The Reedley College Scholarship Application - Opens Oct 1- Deadline March 2nd @ 11:59 p.m.