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Online Submissions

We will do our best to respond to each submission within one weekday. (Note: we are closed from Thursday at 4:00 p.m. to Monday at 8:00 a.m.). Please include all of the following information at the beginning of each submission:
1. Name
2. E-Mail address
3. Class the paper is for
4. Instructor's name
5. Description of the assignment (If possible, quote the writing prompt, or better yet, attach a copy of the prompt/assignment)
6. Specific questions or concerns about your paper (An explanation of what you would like the tutor to respond to)

Submission Instructions:

1. Open email. Address:
2. Type the information as requested above
3. Type the phrase "Online Submission (Your Name)" in the Subject field
4. Copy the document from your word processor
5. Paste your document into the field box below the cover information
6. Send the document (it is sent via e-mail). *You may also attach your document in a standard word.doc format. We do not have the capability to handle any other formats.

Please Remember:

Subject: In order for us to be able to handle submissions efficiently, we need to be able to identify submissions easily. To that end, we request that the subject of all submissions be "Online Submission (Your Name)."
A Reminder: Writing Center tutors will give feedback, reactions and suggestions, but we won't edit or proofread any portion of your paper for you.