Mechanized Agriculture Partnership

Career Opportunities

Do you want to work with REALLY heavy metal? Do horsepower and torque crank you up? Does dirt under your fingernails indicate a good day's work? Do you want to earn a great living? If you answer YES, you're at the right site.

Recent and on-going changes in technology have intensified the demand for technicians in all phases of the heavy equipment industry. A recent study identified shortages of over 6,000 technician positions among equipment dealers nationwide. Career opportunities are available in construction, agriculture, trucking, mining, waste processing, forestry, marine and industrial engines, and material handling.

What about MONEY?

Upon graduation, expect to earn in excess of $20,000. Many companies offer comprehensive benefit programs in addition to your base salary. Depending upon company location, your skill level and time in grade, your earnings potential can reach $60,000 to $90,000 or more.

Career opportunities include…

  • Equipment Technician
  • Truck Engine Technician
  • Parts Warehousing
  • Parts/Service Sales
  • Service Supervision
  • Parts/Service Management
Your choices are many and varied—limited only by your ability and motivation. Join the Equipment Service Technician Program and get your Career on Track.