American Sign Language

Have you ever seen an interpreter on TV, or a concert, or at your local doctor’s office? Have you wondered how that person got there? The popularity of American Sign Language and interpreting has taken off in the past 20 years. Well, now here is your chance. Reedley College offers American Sign Language Courses and ASL interpreting courses to start you on the path to becoming an interpreter in a variety of settings.

ASL interpreters work in a variety of settings supporting and advocating for Deaf community members. Court interpreting, video remote interpreting, educational interpreting, performance interpreting, and Video Relay interpreting or a few of the settings you could land a job. Not only will you learn a new language and acquire a new skill, but you will jump into an enriched environment with history and a community strongly bonded by language. Reedley College’s ASL program can also start you on a path of becoming a teacher for the Deaf, an audiologist, a social worker, and a Speech Pathologist. Reedley College’s facu lty are made up of a variety of professionals with a deep background and passion for Deaf Culture and American Sign Language. We have professors who are Deaf and hearing. Our Deaf professors bring years of language and cultural experience to provide true language immersion to the campus. Our hearing professors are children of Deaf adults (CODAs) and have numerous years of experience interpreting in all settings. Reedley College offers an Associates Degree in American Sign Language. While receiving your AA degree you can stack the American Sign Language Conversational Proficiency Certificate. For other majors such as nursing, first emergency responders, and social work, ASL allows for an opportunity to make more money and also prepare you for future encounters with Deaf people. The central valley has a strong Deaf community and the more of us who know American Sign Language, the more connected we can be as a community. If you are interested in the program, learning more about the language, or just want to take some courses to meet your GE requirements, reach out to

Degree offered: Associate of Arts Degree in American Sign Language (AA) 

Certificate offered: American Sign Language Conversational Certificate

Courses offered:

American Sign Language-1 (Beginning Level)
American Sign Language-2 (Beginning to Intermediate Level)
American Sign Language-3 (Intermediate Level)
American Sign Language-4 (Intermediate to Advance Level)
American Sign Language-5 (Deaf Culture)
American Sign Language-6 Structure of American Sign Language
American Sign Language-10 Advanced Fingerspelling, Classifiers, and Numbers
American Sign Language-20 Introduction to ASL Interpreting

Full-time Faculty: Joseph Lind


Office Ext: 3612