The Reedley College Forestry and Natural Resources Program leading to the Associate of Science in Forestry degree is [provisionally] accredited by the Society of American Foresters.  Our program prepares you for a career in Forestry and Natural Resources through a unique combination of hands-on classroom instruction and work experience. After completing one school year of preparatory classes, seasonal work experience is available with various forest and resource agencies, as well as private industry. The second year of study involves advanced training and a second season of full-time employment. While at Reedley College, students can complete courses in: Introduction to Forestry, Computers in Natural Resources, Dendrology, Wildland Firefighting, Wildlife, Surveying, Forest Measurements, Interpretation, Forest Recreation and Forest Products.

In addition to classes, students participate in extended field trips each year. The Reedley College Forestry Program has an agreement with the Sequoia Lake Conference of YMCA’s to manage their 800 acre forest. This allows our program to give students real experience and important technical skills necessary to succeed as a forester. Field trips consist of two days of activities including interpretive tours, guest speakers, a work day, and blocks of outdoor laboratory instruction.

An Associate degree and transfer program to state colleges and universities is available. Aside from the excellent education opportunities available at Reedley College, there are many co-curricular activities designed to expand leadership and organizational skills. You will want to be a part of our Forestry Club, Society of American Foresters Student Chapter, or Ag Ambassadors! Financial Aid and work study is available for students that qualify. For students coming from outside of the Fresno area, On-Campus Housing is available.

Sample Schedule: Forestry Degree

Fall Year 1

Natural Resources Career Prep
Introduction to Forestry
Forest Ecosystem
Forest Protection

Introduction to Field Studies 
Forest Field Studies I   

GE: Math    

GE: Physical Education

Spring Year 1

Computers in Natural Resources
Aerial Photo Interpretation & GIS
interpretation of Natural Resources

Forest Field Studies II 

GE: English

GE: Physical Education

Fall Year 2

Forest Measurements
Forestry Elective

Advanced Field Studies I

GE: Public Speaking

GE: General Psychology

Spring Year 2

Introduction to Forest Surveying
Forest & Resource Management
Forest Products

GE: American Government

GE: Humanities/Arts

Work Experience

All students are given an opportunity to gain valuable Work Experience during the summer. For the past 25 years, every student that wanted a job in Natural Resources has been placed. Students usually work from May-October then return to school for 9-week classes. During the summer, you will be registered for a work experience class and you will be visited by a Forestry instructor to see how your work is progressing. 


    Number of Graduates Per Degree   % Employed in Forestry/Natural Job Type/Title or 
Academic Year Forestry A.S. Natural Resources A.S. Forestry/Natural Resources A.S. Resources or continuing for B.S. Degree University
2017-2018 2 4 15 72 wildland firefighter, restoration forester, logger, utility forestry, fire dispatch, recreation technician, scientific aide, Cal Poly Humboldt University, University of Idaho
2018-2019 1 7 5 46 wildland firefighter, urban firefighter, land stewardship associate, OHV technician, recreation technician, logger, Cal Poly Humboldt University
2019-2020 3 5 3 63 forestry aide, utility forestry, University of Idaho
2020-2021 7 13 3 74 wildland firefighter,  assistant fire engine operator, forestry technician, forestry aide, recreation technician, scientific aide, wilderness ranger, Cal Poly Humboldt University, University of Idaho
2021-2022 9 11 2 77 wildland firefighter, animal packer, forestry technician, maintenance technician, tree trimmer, visitor use assistant, restoration technician, Cal Poly Humboldt University