Flight Science

Reedley College Creates Brand New Program to Become a Pilot

  1. Instructions to Enter Flight Science
  2. Application to Enter Flight Science
  3. Student Handbook
  4. FAA Medical
  5. Financial Aid for Flight Science
  6. VA Benefits
  7. Course Progression and Costs
  8. Eligibility to Flight Train in the U.S.
  9. College Catalog Excerpt
  10. Paying for Flight Lab Costs
  11. Payment & Refund Policy
  12. Reality Check
  13. Prepare to Fly After Degree Acceptance
  14. Equipment and Books
  15. Acceptable II For Security Badge
  16. Degree Brochure

Currently across the United States, there are un-filled job positions available for airplane flight instructors and airline copilots:

The Associate Degree in Flight Science is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills, and flight experience required to become certified commercial airplane pilots and flight instructors. Students will complete academic, simulator, and flight courses taught within the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration. Emphasis is placed on aeronautical decision making, flight safety, and effective teaching techniques.

As courses within the degree are successfully completed, the student will earn the Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, and Flight Instructor Certificate. Degree graduates will be ready to enter the aviation industry as commercial airplane pilots and flight instructors.

Ground school courses (academic classes) are taught at the Reedley College campus, in Reedley. The flight lab courses are conducted at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, 4955 E. Anderson Road, Suite 117, Fresno, CA 93727.

Please consult the Reedley College Flight Science Program Handbook or contact flightscience@reedleycollege.edu or call (559) 494-3000 extension 3684 for any questions relating to this degree.