Guided Pathways

GP and EquityReedley College was selected to be one of the 20 California Community Colleges to participate in the groundbreaking California Guided Pathways Project. Reedley was chosen in part due to its strong focus on student success and equity.  Guided Pathways is a transformational framework that focuses on reviewing and revising college policies, procedures and practices with the goal of designing with the student in mind. Our students tell us that they have difficulty navigating college life and structures.  With the college Wildly Important Goal in mind “We motive and inspire student to succeed” Reedley has embraced Guided Pathways.

Start Spreading the News…

Reedley College faculty and administrators traveled to New York City for the Community Colleges League of Innovation Conference February 24-27 to present three breakouts about our journey with Guided Pathways. Presenting at the conference were Vice President for Student Services Renee Craig-Marius, Academic Senate President Stephanie Curry, English Instructor Rebecca Snyder and CCCCO Guided Pathways Regional Coordinator Michelle Stricker (on loan from RC). The group presented on Changing Placement in a Guided Pathways Framework, Hobsons Starfish: Holistic Tools for Guided Pathways, and Onboarding a College to Guided Pathways.

Student Onboarding

Reedley College Students had the opportunity to participate in new onboarding activities

  • Tiger Preview
  • Pathways Virtual Orientations
  • Success Teams Established (7 Pathways Teams)

System Changes

Reedley College reviewed and changed systems and processes to focus on student needs.

GP Working Together
  • New Program Review Process
  • Governance Task Force Established
  • Starfish Predictive Analytics
  • Pathways Websites Created
  • Implementation of Career Coach
  • Pathways Canvas Shells
  • Caring Campus Directory
  • Online Information Center
  • Streamlining Application Processes (including Dual Enrollment)

Equity Work

Equity work was at the heart of all guided pathways activities.

  • Equity Website Scan
  • Equity Curriculum Review
  • Equity Trained Data Coaches
  • Equity Committee Established
  • United Way 21 Day Race Challenge (multiple sessions)
  • Workgroup established to review Ethnic Studies CSU Requirement
  • Equity 101 Canvas Course (Coming Spring 2021)
  • Equity and Anti-Racism Resolutions (Academic Senate, Classified Senate)

Professional Development

Faculty, Staff and Administrator participated in a variety of professional development opportunities related to Guided Pathways.

What’s coming in Spring 2021

  • Classified Guided Pathways Leadership Academytiger-cares.png
  • Caring Campus Directory
  • Virtual Book Club: How to be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi
  • Continuation of Coffee Tea and GP Webinar Series
  • Updated Tiger Preview and Pathways Connect Onboarding Activities
  • Updated Onboarding Websites for Students
  • Updating Program Maps for new CSU Ethnic Studies Requirement
  • Governance Task Force Recommendations
  • New Data Dashboards (with ability to disaggregate data)
  • Expansion of Success Teams work and membership
  • Launch of Career Coach
  • Pathways Career and Transfer Months (more to come in Fall 2021)
    • Child Development and Education (February)
    • Business (March)
    • STEM (April)

How you can become involved in GP@RC

  • Attend a Professional Development Opportunity (Flex Days, Coffee, Tea and GP Webinars, Virtual Book Club, ASCCC Webinars)
  • Contact Stephanie Curry or Renee Craig Marius about serving on a Guided Pathways Committee
  • Connect with your Pathway Success Teams to discuss student support activities
  • Share with your students Career Coach, encourage them to do the career assessment
  • Sign up and Interact with Students on the Pathways Canvas Pages
  • Share with Students the availability of basic needs support (food pantry, transportation, emergency support)
  • Work with your pathway Data Coach to review and disaggregate student data.
  • Join the Caring Campus Initiatives
  • Participate in Equity Curriculum Review