Center for Fine and Performing Arts Preview

Center for Fine and Performing Arts

Letter from the president

Dear Patrons—

Reedley College seeks to create a Center for the Fine and Performing Arts. It has been almost 90 years in the making and Reedley College has had the center on the planning books since 1975. Now is the time to act and bring the Center for the Fine and Performing Arts to reality.
Reedley College serves a large rural area and studies clearly show the positive impact of including the arts in educational programs. Further, the cultural enrichment from the arts creates a better quality of life and stronger community for the citizens. Research indicates that providing intentional and equitable access to the arts in rural, high minority areas results in better educational attainment and better regional economic vitality.
From the college’s beginning in 1926 through the mid-1970s, vocal, theatrical and instrumental music groups performed for students and the public. Unfortunately, the lack of adequate facilities led to a disinvestment in these programs. Continuing funding challenges led to even further reduction in the arts until by 2012, there were only art classes and instrumental music classes with little ability to formally display art or publicly perform. Local service-area high schools have excellent arts programs with large bands and choral groups; however, with limited opportunity at Reedley College, local students must go elsewhere to continue their passion for the arts. Reedley College has a rich history in the arts and  it is critical to the college and communities that these programs come back into the classrooms.
With new energy and distinct and overwhelming support of the public, Reedley College is reinvesting in its educational programs and facilities. As a college dedicated to the sciences, agriculture, and business, the arts play a critical role in elevating the impact. Now, the College needs a top notch arts facility to bring it to life. The Center for the Fine and Performing Arts will provide students with advanced tools to prepare them for a world where the performing arts intersects with technology. This proposed facility will meet modern-day curriculum demands and serve as a visual showcase of student and community work.

Join me in this effort and be a part of History.
Reedley College President



Valerie Pieroni

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