Smoke Free Q&A

Reedley College is a smoke and tobacco free campus effective November 17, 2016. This action confirms our commitment to creating a clean and safe learning environment for students, staff, volunteers and visitors.

What does it mean to be smoke and tobacco free?

Use of all tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco,

and electronic cigarettes are prohibited in all property owned or controlled by Reedley College.

This includes: grounds and buildings, athletic areas, college vehicles, college rented vehicles, carts, parking lots and farm land. The policy also applies to Madera Community College Center and Oakhurst Community College Center. Anyone on or in control of college property is subject to the policy, including students, faculty, staff, contractors, volunteers, and visitors. Successful implementation of this policy will depend on the cooperation of all faculty, staff, and students to not only abide by the policy, but also encourage others to comply in order to promote a healthy environment in which to work, study, and for some live.

Will there be designated smoking areas on campus?

No. The use of any kind of tobacco and/or smoking device will be prohibited on all property owned or controlled by Reedley College.

Will there be a campus map that shows the exact areas included in the policy?

Yes. The policy encompasses all Reedley College owned or controlled property. See the Boundary Map Handout that is most suitable to your campus: Reedley College, Oakhurst Community College Center, Madera Community College Center. Tobacco use will be prohibited in all college owned or rented vehicles as well.

Does this policy apply to city owned streets, sidewalks and right-of-ways?

No. Reedley College has no jurisdiction over the use of city owned streets, sidewalks, or

right-of-ways. However, please note that most streets and adjacent sidewalks on the campus are controlled by Reedley College. Additionally, all Reedley College transit stops are smoke and tobacco free.

Can I smoke in my car?

Yes, your car is your personal property. Smoking is allowed in personal vehicles only if the windows are completely rolled up. It is, however, preferred that you do not smoke anywhere on campus. You can drive off campus if you choose to smoke. Smoking is prohibited in any vehicle owned, rented or leased by Reedley College.


What about our college neighbors?

Reedley College asks that our students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and visitors help maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors that border our campuses. We encourage respect of other’s property by not littering and not congregating in areas to smoke, thus creating smoke clouds that others must walk through. In addition, it will be critical for smokers to dispose of their tobacco products safely to avoid fire or other hazards. Until further notice, the only locations that we will offer ash receptacles will be upon entry into the campuses. Madera Community College Center and Oakhurst Community College Center will only offer ash receptacles in the parking lot. We will be reaching out to our neighbors and informing them of the upcoming policy and encouraging open communication if a problem arises.

Do employees, students, and visitors have to quit using tobacco?

No. Reedley College is not asking anyone to quit. This policy simply means that no one can

use any form of tobacco or smoke products on college property.

How should I approach someone who is smoking or using tobacco products on campus?

You can remind the individual/s in a friendly, respectful manner that Reedley College does not permit tobacco or smoking of any kind on campus. As not everyone will feel comfortable verbally approaching smokers, we have created policy reminder cards available here for you to print and hand out. All employees are encouraged to assist with compliance in some way.

Are there resources available to help students and employees quit smoking or cope with the transition?

Yes. The Reedley College Health Services Office offers educational material on smoking cessation and the health benefits from quitting. Additionally, referrals for counseling and ongoing support may be provided.

For Faculty and Staff who are interested in further assistance from our Employee Assistance Program provider, you can start by clicking here: Halcyon username: edcare.

Links to free or low cost options that may aid in tobacco and/or smoking cessation – personal health coach via text messaging (message and data rates may apply)

1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669) Telephone based quit-smoking program with counselors (free of cost) Free virtual coach, fully customizable quit plan and free or discounted nicotine replacement products – A free program to teach you how to quit. – Coaching, free 12 week supply of nicotine gum or patch, self-help process – Quit Smoking Checklist, Quit Smoking Benefits, Tips & Tricks – free telephone counseling and materials to quit smoking, free nicotine patches to eligible callers

World Health Organization – support to quit, fact sheets, and smoker’s body poster