2019-2022 Equity Executive Summary

Reedley College motivates and inspires students to be successful by providing high-quality, innovative educational opportunities. The college serves approximately 14,000 students per year with a majority of students identified as Hispanic/Latinx (68%), Low-income (61%), and First Generation (40%).

Since the 2017-2019 Integrated Plan, Reedley College has worked to establish a model and a set of processes to monitor the plan’s goals and funding to support equity efforts. The development of the Coordinator’s Collaborative included program initiative coordinators, faculty, administration, institutional research, accounting, and representation from Reedley, Madera and Oakhurst. The efforts from this group ultimately guided the College’s current implementation of Guided Pathways by establishing the foundation of the college’s integrated planning efforts, campus participation and dialogue.


Read the full 2019-2022 Student Equity Executive Summary (PDF)


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